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7.4 quake shakes south Mexico


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I hope they are right and no one came to serious harm. That would be a miracle.

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I pray that there will be no deaths reported for this EQ in Mexico. Be strong Mexico!!!

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@Elbudo If you have family and relatives in Mexico still I hope they are alright. After I read this, you were the first person I thought of who might be affected by this.

I doubt Japan is offering any help.

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Thanks everybody!! I just got off Skype and Facebook with my relatives back in Mexico and they told me they only found out about it on tv! My relatives in Mexico City did not feel a thing in their part of Mexico City but at least 3 people died in the state of Guerrero, so I hope this situation is now under control. Your amigo that hates quakes anywhere in this world!! RIP 3 paisanos

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Quake in San Francisco: Attributed to Godlnessness.

Quake in Mexico immediately after Pope visits: Attributed to ???

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Lucky mexicans with earthquake but no old poorly managed nuclear plants!

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@Rick Kisa, actually the Nuclear Plant is not so far from the affected area... hehehehe!!!

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It´s really nice to read all these comments. It was really a strong earthquake. Mexico city is over a swamp, so all earthquakes feel much more. Most of the panic attacks were from people that lived the 1985 earthquake. But this one, felt like hell...

I love to read all support messages. Thank God, no people was harmed. I already saw that people have improved their behavior during an emergency.

We still have so much to learn.

Thanks everybody :D

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