7 lawmakers quit Labour over EU, anti-Semitism


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Corbyn and his cult of fanatics enabled anti-semitism, misogyny, bullying, the villification of anyone who dissented and had a differing opinion, supports a no deal Brexit and generally alienated traditional Labour voters. To make things worse, the party has readmitted Derek Hatton, who was expelled many years ago for his militancy. These seven are the tip of the iceberg.

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This has been planned for years. 18 months ago they were extremely happy to stand on JCs platform, so the British public won't trust these Blairites.

Their crocodile tears will only get them so far.

At best, it will be an eventual merger with the Liberal Democrats and in the meantime, they need to stand down as MPs and wait for the by-elections.

Cheerio now, Chuka and chums!

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I'd just like to point out that the same reasons that these people quit were given for why the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute board wouldn't let its Fred Shuttlesworth Human Rights Award be given to Angela Davis.

And that they were ludicrous and the result of lobbyists who were out of touch with the facts presenting themselves as popularly supported was proven in that second case by the same board now having to beg Angela Davis to let them give her the award.

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Luciana Berger, Chris Leslie, Mike Gapes, Anne Coffey, Gavin Shuker, Chuka Umunna, Angela Smith. Only three names out of the silly seven I can honesty say I am familiar with.

Ghastly timing, just when one thought Theresa May luck had run out.

A further thirty could well face deselection, no surprises when more follow.

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A selfish, vanity project to try and resurrect Blairism. And those who lived in the UK during his dreadful leadership know that it doesn't work.

Chuka is a fan of big business and austerity - it's blatantly obvious that these 7 care not a jot about the working classes.

So long, and make sure you close the door on yer way out.

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And that the only 'racism' that the group cares about is the form that involves opposition to Apartheid can be seen in the way that the first interview since they announced their leaving over 'racism' has resulted in the need for them to address racism in their new party. See Angela Smith and the 'funny tinge' certain types of Brits apparently have.

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And now three Tories have joined the group. Both main parties have become little extremist cliques and have alienated many traditional voters. This is the result.

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