7 U.S. troops killed in latest Afghanistan fighting


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Bring the troops home. Too many innocent Americans have needlessly died in their attack of the WTC and in Afghanistan. They got resources to rebuild, their country is loaded with iron, oil gems and all sorts of treasures.

We're not there to nation build. We went there to punish, now get the hell out. < :-)

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"Bring the troops home ( now )"

Obama, who you voted for, isn't going to do that. The surrender date isn't until sometime next year or so. You must be so disappointed.

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Sarge, disappointed that we ever got into this situation, you're right. Upset with Obama, no. He didn't start and mismanage the war in Afghanistan. george bush did.

This is 7 more troops that needlessly died because bush went into Afghanistan nation building. he's such a failure.

Obama will end it. < :-)

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7 more families with brothers, husbands, fiance's, fathers who will never return to fulfill their right to life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And for what? Cheney's vision of Empire?

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Perhaps winning those 'hearts and minds' of afghan population were failed when their monthly payment were long overdued!

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"Cheney's vision of Empire"

That's right, folks, Dick Cheney envisioned a U.S. empire in Afghanistan, LOL.

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That's right, folks, Dick Cheney envisioned a U.S. empire in Afghanistan, LOL.

You're finally got something right. < :-)

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