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700 migrants feared dead in Mediterranean shipwreck


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Tragic but only possible because Europe refuses to take a hard stance like the Americans, or the Australians.

Shut the borders to economic migrants. Sending them home immediately is the only way to stop people making death defying trips to suck on the European social tit.

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I would say that the West should stop to mess up the countries of these migrants in the first place.

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"The West" who?

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@Madverts....your misinformed. The U.S. Does not have a hard stance on illegal immigrants. The Mexican border is wide open.

@Alex....you partially right. The flow of illegal immigrants stem from the acceptance of illegal immigrants globally. Return the faithfully and mass illegal immigration will dwindle to a trickle. Accept them and they'll never stop.

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"The West" who?

The West that started so many illegal wars around the globe.

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Are any wars "legal"?

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Are any wars "legal"?

No, indeed. But someone created the concept of "good wars that bring democracy",

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Good wars do bring democracy, but some countries are hopeless backwards and the people prefer to blow themselves up.

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MarkG, you are supremely and purposely forgetful: the USA as a government and country was created by European immigrants who were "illegal" and inflicted genocide on the indigenous peoples of the continent, with above 90% death rate.

BUT I agree: do let's return the illegals to their own country of origin for that would mean Anglo ignorants like yourself would go back to where you came from. Those with indigenous blood, native to the continent, which IS what Mexicans are (mixed indigenous and invader blood: Spanish) would have access to the places their people have roamed for thousands of years before ethnocentric know-it-alls arrived.

Regarding the article, any deaths are lamentable such as in this case. The terror, grief, loss and pain experienced before they died, but most especially that which the survivors will forever live with is what should be considered. Sorry, if you people like you have your own agenda to push and forget these important human facts, and accepting that the term "immigrant" inheritly is negative.

Alex80 was not incorrent, though not "the West" but most especially the USA covertly does influence and sometimes exacerbates difficult situations in certain countries for its own gain.

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@ Red Harcrow...the world was a very different place. At that time conquering nations and region was common. For the last 70 years that has not been acceptable with the exception of Israel.

Immigrants are one group and illegal immigrants are entirely different. You can turn back time if you wish, it serves no purpouse. Indigenous Americans have had a difficult and unjust past amongst the Euro-imports as well as themselves.

Would you prefer a world w/o US involvement? I prefer it reduced but not extinguished. What would the Soviet Union have done w/o the U.S.? I'd hate to consider that scenario!

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If those IS savages would stop the killings of christians in Libiya, then they wouldn't have to flee. Alarming how many people have been boarding these ships lately daring a dangerous journey. Cause its either that or face a brutal beheading by IS.

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Would you prefer a world w/o US involvement?

Why ask Red Harcrow (or me, or somebody else here)? We are all not involved. Ask people who fleeing - Iraqis, Afghanis, Lybians. A lot of them definitely wish that US never existed at all.

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Nope. They wish IS didn't exist. The US aint chopping off people's heads, using suicide bombers ,and kidnapping young muslim women to be sold as "sex slaves" to IS.

IS are savages.

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IS are savages, fully agreed. But when US bombed Iraq in 2003 and Lybia in 2011, there were no IS. And what the difference if people are killed by a suicide bomber or a bomb from a US plane?

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To bring this thread back onto the topic of Mediterranean people smuggling:

The smugglers' boats should be turned back and/or towed back to Libya; I'm sure even the Italians could rustle up enough firepower to make sure that the Libyans comply. Then the various do-gooders in the UN, Vatican, European parliament, etc. could go to Libya and try to dissuade the smugglers there if they care so much.

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@Asakaze. LoL. I'm just pushin' yalls buttons. The humane way is to bomb the objective is with precision wpns system. Not someone in a Burka.

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