Trump hits back at tax protests, asks 'who paid' for rallies


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New format is nice. Really nice, actually, but what happened to all the comments and why is it hard to find this article? I.E. This article doesn't appear when you click on the "world" tab at page top.

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Quit whining about the tax returns already. Get over losing.

P. S. The new format stinks. The old one was far friendlier.

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agree with fred. everything about jt's new format sucks. no auto caps or punctuation . comment box at the top (wtf?). horrible layout and navigation. user comment archive listed from oldest posts at the top . who'd you hire for this mess?

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Trump is under no legal obligation to release his tax return He said he would release his returns when Hillary releases her 33,000 emails which she still ain't done yet, lol

Agree with Frederic and plastic, the old format is way better, please return to it - QUICKLY!

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People should continue to protest. Releasing his taxes will show any conflicts of interest, which is good information to know, especially since Trump has done so many shady things in his business dealings.

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Do you think IRS will obey the protesters? History ... Prohibition era.. When FBI had difficulty to catch Al Capone, IRS arrested him.

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Trump said he would release his tax returns. One more thing he lied about.

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He showed one that was reqired to showbas President. Rachel obtained copy and we watched. He was hiding he did not have two billion follars.

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Remember he said he has two billion dollars campaign fund? Many people joined him. Some happened to be Russian agents some , turkish or Ukraknia aides. They expected to get paid later.

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Should have realised it a long time ago, but rally or some such to draw out knee jerk stream of consciousness tweet is what is going to get Trump. And he might even have his tax returns presented (even if not by him).

The challenge is not to give up.

Btw, new format really sucks. Much too much scrolling. Changing over the course of two hours mid-yesterday afternoon was really annoying. Please return to previous format forthwith.

It is not essential to look at JT you know.

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@serranoTrump is under no legal obligation to release his tax return

The point's long been made that rules are different for peasants like Obama and Clinton than for ruling class elites like Trump.

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Ah, the latest alt-right trolling meme, adopted by the President. Don't like what protesters think? Just declare without a shred of evidence they were paid!

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Trump campaign aides who patiently waited to get paid did not get pay but they becMe govt offical such as Press Secretary. and making fool off themselves now. Trump is hiding he is not billionaire. He is audited now that IRS prohibited him to trelease him anything. Why you want to see? Are you gonner be listed as potential POUS assassinator? Notice numbers of protesters dwindled. They could be federal agents to catch anti vovt terrorists.

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There are over 25,000 cities in the U.S., and over 320 million residents. How many of these paid protesters, and democrats, actually showed up? And in how many actual cities? Are these cities controlled by elected Democrats?

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