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8 beheaded bodies found in northern Mexican state


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correction: "border states"

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We need secure borders. Rather than making jokes, Obama should actually be doing something. Then again, maybe it's best he continues doing nothing, because he'd rather give the border statues to Mexico.

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Sadly, this seems to be about the daily norm for northern Mexico in recent years.

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There are two types of victims: rival gang members (buh-bye!) and those who cooperate with the authorities - for the latter, it is a tragedy. Tourists are not in danger except for the crossfire.

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Everyone says it is only the areas near the US that are dangerous, is that true? Also, I doubt these drug cartels would target tourists, so tourism is hopefully still safe.

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Another country on my list of no will go!

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Govt clashes with Drug cartels and Cartels clash with cartels,in a fight for control in Mexico's lucrative drug trade.

35000 dead since late 2006, about 7000-8000 people are casualties a year.

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Every article I read about Mexico, my heart feels heavy. Those poor people trapped in that hell.

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