8 people taken to a hospital after Minnesota mall stabbings


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Another crazy Muslim?

Minnesota News: St. Cloud Police Chief Anderson stated that the now-dead suspect made references to Allah and asked people if they were Muslims before assaulting them.

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We need new laws to control knives!!! Nobody should be allowed to have a knife without a background check AND 14 day waiting period.

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Yet another attack by arab inspired terrorism and the officials being afraid of the pro muslim powers in charge of the US right now wont say it is one. sigh getting tired of this whitewash.

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And how do you propose people would cook and eat?

But, but, knives are the problem. They harm people! We have to stop that. There are "safety knives" which should be mandated. I'm not saying that you can't have a knife, just that it needs to be registered and a background check performed first. Doesn't seem like too much effort to me.

We have to protect the children after all.

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CrisGerSan, And we know by now how this is going to go. Another case of "mental illness".

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Another case of "mental illness".

Any attack, gun or otherwise, is blamed on mental illness.

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Looks more like a Trump presidency is increasingly imminent.

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"You gotta be nuts to attack strangers with a knife!" No. Just indoctrinated; "nuts" is a plus for ISIS recruiters. Too bad - not a tear shedding regret - the perpetrator was shot dead. His input during a study of his deviant indoctrination might have been useful to the police. ...... What I would like to know is if the perpetrator was a regular attendee of Islamic services and so exposed to someone who may have influenced him to commit such violence. (All Progressive apologists howl in unison now!) I am not implying that Muslims in America as a group would condone such an attack - those I know would certainly condemn it - or somehow share responsibility for it. But, the perpetrator probably did not invent any grievance he may have had all by himself.

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