Death toll in Chile earthquake tops 300


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It's now being reported to be 8.8, which would make it the 6th or 7th strongest earthquake ever recorded.

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Wow, the Haiti quake was bad, mostly because of the poor building codes, and the fact that it hit a major city. This is a much stronger quake, but hopefully with less people involved, it won't be quite so devastating. Still, the damage down there is going to be, extremely severe.

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Yiipes, Haiti, a strong one in Okinawa, now Chile, I am running for the supply store to get prepared for the big Kanto earthquake they have been waiting for.

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Is planet X approaching? I'm just sayin'

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I am not preparing at all for a Kanto Quake. if I am on the denentoshi deep under tokyo, there is nothing I can do anyway.

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I was very impressed when I went there while in the service. Beautiful people, beautiful place. Sad to hear about this quake. My prayers are with them.

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I'm worried about the tsunami warning ....which CNN said will hit Japan too...

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I understand a tsunami is headed for Half Moon Bay, CA. My daughter and son-n-law are stationed there. I don't think it's going to be too strong, but who knows.

This is wild, all these earthquakes in the last year. < :-)

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Cynthia Iocono, from Linwood, Pennsylvania, said she first thought the quake was a train.

What does it have to do with the Quake in Chile.

122 Reported dead from the recent-eleted president (Sebastian Piñera) and 5 regions were declared as zone of catastrophe in the central and south areas of Chile.

The tsunami was reported as a 16 feet wave which were building up (one wave after another each time higher) and the people were able to escape to higher areas of the island. It seems thta it have receeded now.

My prayers to my countrymen in the South of Chile, and I thank all the posters here that are praying too.

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300 dead vs. 100,000+ in Haiti. Goes to show what decent building codes can do for you. And a relative lack of corruption. Relative, mind you.

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The death toll is now over 700 and climbing.

Looting seems to be a very big problem right now.

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300 dead vs. 100,000+ in Haiti. Goes to show what decent building codes can do for you.

Differences in construction methods and materials and enforcement of the laws is certainly part of it.

Chile's death toll will worsen. Haiti's is higher than you say.

Big differences in population density between the main cities affected in both countries.

Also, quite a difference between the two concerning the depth of the quakes and how the intensity was felt at the surface.

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