107 dead in crane collapse at Mecca mosque


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Compared to past tragedies this is a meager loss of life.

However, combined with severe damage to one of Islam's most holy of sites, severe punishment might get meted out.

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Many cranes + strong and surprising wet winds.

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Many Saudis and others have complained about the excessive construction of new hotels and shopping malls in Mecca, transforming what was once a spiritual and spartan holy city into an oasis of bling; a gaudy clock tower, 7-star hotels, all targeting the wealthier pilgrims.

"It's not Mecca. It's Mecca-hattan. This tower and the lights in it are like Vegas," said Sami Angawi, an architect who spent his life studying hajj and is one of the most outspoken critics of the changes.

RIP these 107 victims of excessive consumerism.

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Given the photographs, I don't see how it caused 238 deaths. They would all have to be under that one small section of roof. Right? Or am I missing something?

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Well, this does ofc show that greed and arrogance is universal. Islam is not my favorite religious belief in this world, but it's horrible to see anyones "holy" site be destroyed also causing such a large loss of life. At least it wasn't intentional, but to have such a large construction crane used in the area, there must be some serious skyscrapers popping up in Mecca. Kind of like seeing hotels and resorts being built on a nature preserve. It would tick me off too.

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I can't believe how such drastic images are posted here. No respect for human dignity.

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This is horrendous. More stringent safety measures are required.

"It was on Mount Arafat, marked by a white pillar, where Islam’s Prophet Muhammad is believed to have delivered his last sermon to tens of thousands of followers some 1,400 years ago, calling on Muslims to unite."

Why haven't they united yet?

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