9 charged with bullying Massachusetts teen who killed herself


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I'm not sure how harsh they can punish these jerks, but I hope they get the maximum punishment allowed. < :-)

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I'm not sure how harsh they can punish these jerks, but I hope they get the maximum punishment allowed. < :-)

Depends on whether or not they charge them as adults. The rape charges are very serious though. Potentially years in jail if convicted, even if they're found guilty as minors.

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All part of America's culture of sex shame that is hard enough on guy's like Tiger Woods, but goes double on girls. There are people who secretly support this sort of behavior in the interests of keeping girls in line. I hope one day American's will learn to teach their kids to protect people's right to enjoy relationships and sexuality rather than let monkey emotions and jealousy get the better of them.

Poor girl came all the way from Ireland just to be psychology murdered by American culture.

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"All part of America's culture of sex shame"

I fail to see how this can be seen as an American phenomenen.

How the hell can people be so blind as to let things like this happen?

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As madverts said how is this an american problem. Infact how is that even related to this.

People will be creatins reguardless of race, birth or power. This was just the effect of cruel people. As an american and a southerner we have ways of dealin with those boys.

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Poor kid - how did she put up with this day after day, and the worst part is that the adults around her couldn't give her proper help or support. It is a harsh thing to say but why couldn't her parents see the great emotional pain this child was suffering?

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