9/11 mastermind, co-plotters to be arraigned


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How come Bin Laden didn't get this chance?

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Former chief prosecutor Morris Davis: "History will judge this as a mistake"

Yeah, maybe they should have just killed him when they found him like they did with bin Laden.

"The trial could still be years away"

So taxpayers might have to continue to feed, clothe and house this rat for years.

"How come bin Laden didn't get this chance?"

He didn't deserve it? Neither does this rat, but he's gonna get it anyway.

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So taxpayers might have to

Money is top priority. Stay classy Serrano!

He didn't deserve it?

Thank you for supporting the continued tarnishing of America's reputation.

I don't expect justice to come of a military tribunal. The case does not belong before one anyway.

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Is it at all possible to get a photograph of this man where he doesn't look completely deranged?????

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“trial of the century” <-- Holy Hyperbole, Batman! We're only a little more than a decade into this century.

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People make fun of the "confessions" given in Japan after 10 hours of interrogation, yet this get spent how many years in being interrogated (tortured) in Gitmo before he confessed.

Oh.. and every single man on earth deserves a fair trail. Every single person is innocent until proven guilty. At least in my book they are.

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@NeverSubmit......These people are guilty .. they bragged about murdering Americans and posted in on websites for the world to see and daring US to get them..... if you had family or friends that were killed in 9-11 or anything near that... you wouldn't be so sweet to these animals that will cut your head off then post it on youtube for laughs.. like they have already done many many times

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Bigboy69- Everything you are saying is hearsay and it's just an accusation until proven in a fair court.

If a person walks up to a police officer and confesses to a horrendous crime is the police officer entitled to instantly kill the confessor?

Of course not.

Facts must be established in a fair and open court of law, no matter how horrible the accused crime or criminal is and judgement should only be laid out until everybody has had a chance to speak, even the accused.

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Facts you say?

I'm surprised to see you of all posters demanding facts to prove accusations...

Then again, 9/11 is the topic and I'm sure Blackwater might have almost nearly involed...

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Wikipedia: Arraignment is a formal reading of a criminal complaint in the presence of the defendant to inform the defendant of the charges against him or her. In response to arraignment, the accused is expected to enter a plea.

Arrested in 2003 ... It's about time.

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NeverSubmit: Facts must be established in a fair and open court of law

Or any website will do.

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"Money is top priority. Stay classy Serrano"

Yeah, you're right, this rat's rights to a fair trial are far more important than taxpayers' rights.

"I don't expect justice of a military tribunal. The case does not belong before one anyway."

Of course, it belongs in a civilian court where OJ Simpson type jurors can acquit him, lol.

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