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9th prisoner dies at U.S. Navy's Guantanamo base


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Soviet Russia would have been proud of a set up like this. Most prisoners held with out charge, no trials planned and no release date. Little wonder so many top themselves. Inhumane hardly comes close to describing this. Shut the place down now.

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Wasn't Obama going to close this place down? I seem to remember some fiery speeches attacking Bush over this.

I wonder what changed his mind?

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Embarrassing that this prison even exists.

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SimonB, Stalin and Hitler would have lauded Gitmo as well.

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Freedom = Guilty until proven innocent.

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I remember a time when we thought that only in USSR during the comunists regime that these things happened

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I know this probably won't be very popular but does anyone understand that these are war criminals? People who helped orchestrate the deaths of over 3000 people in New York. People who helped arrange mass suicide bombings killing innocent civilians, women, and children. Surely you are not naive enough to believe that these people are being held without sufficient cause. I do understand that everyone deserves their day in court and I do not understand why the process is taking so long, but stop making these people out to be some sort of martyrs. As mentioned in the article, some of these men are so bad that not even their own countries will take them back even if they are released! I believe that the military did the best they could when faced with a bad situation. These men have received much better treatment than American citizens would have received if captured by the Taliban/Al Qaida...

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Yes Tizalley man. They had some very, very dangerous 11 and 12 year old's in there in the early days. As we have seen from the few that have been released after many years they just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time or were traded by groups for cash telling the US forces they were terrorists. No proof required it seems. 11 years on and no-one charged?

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SimonB: As we have seen from the few that have been released

A vast majority have been released.

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These people were all incarcerated WITHOUT trial.

As SimondB points out, many of them were children when they were shoved in Guantanamo.

Screams "Freedom" and "Democracy" at every opportunity, the U.S.A. is the world's biggest bigot.

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It strikes me that Tizalleyman might not know the word "incarcerated," it means "put in prison."

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Yes Bertie, I'm quite aware of what the word incarcerated means, so there is no need for your condescending tone. According to the statistics posted by the ACLU, a total of 21 children were detained at Guantanamo, the youngest was 13 years of age. So, before you quote other posters, you may want to actually do some research. So, 21 out of 779 total prisoners does not qualify as "many" prisoners. Now, for your second point, why in the world would you use the word bigot, especially in reference to Guantanamo? Are you just spewing bile in an attempt to incite people or perhaps you don't know the meaning of the word bigot? Either way, if you would like to become educated about the current statistics on Guantanamo, you can find them here... http://www.reprieve.org.uk/publiceducation/guantanamostats/

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I apologize for my condescending tone. You are right. It was unnecessary.

Thanks for the reference. It's an interesting site.

Our viewpoints are quite different.

First of all, 21 children does count as many, since many refers to a number that is more than one would expect. ONE minor is unacceptable, 21 is a social crime.

The very presence of Guantanamo is something I just cannot think with.

On the one hand, the U.S.A. tries to position itself as the champion of Freedom and Democracy in the world and on the other it incarcerates people with no trial, uses"advanced interrogation techniques" (waterboarding, etc.) on them, and detains them for an undetermined time.

These people may or may not be guilty. If they are, then they surely deserve punishment. AFTER they have been given a fair trial.

It is unbelievable to me that this situation exists.

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