Afghanistan earthquake kills at least 1,000


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Terrible disaster in a country so devastated already. If the predictions are true and help is going to be difficult to get it is very likely the number of fatal victims will increase importantly.

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Afganistan is democratic country with western values imported by USA and NATO forces and implemented by them during decades long "education" so yes dont need to worry,they will be fine to solve this issue.

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Must of been pretty bad if it was also felt in Pakistan and India.

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Images are quite disturbing, sad to see

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Over 920 have died at this point.

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I pray for the people of Afghanistan , I pray for the people of Ukraine, let us all remember that we are all living day by day at the mercy of mother nature and the EVILS among us.

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Awful news. So sorry to hear about this.

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Must of been pretty bad if it was also felt in Pakistan and India.

It was only M5.9 on the Richter Scale. In Japan or California a quake of that magnitude does not produce a disaster.

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Very sad. Unavoidable.

Actually most of the damage you see is completely avoidable. They use un-reinforced masonry construction, often with mud bricks. That kind of construction is a disaster waiting to happen. A properly build wood frame home or apartment building on a reinforced concrete slab foundation does not collapse in an earthquake. The quake in Afghanistan was M5.9 on the Richter Scale. My own home went through back to back M6.4 and M7.1 quakes just a little more than a day apart and no damage. A few books fell and a motorcycle fell over against a car in the garage and that was it. You see much the same in Japan where building codes and seismic standards are both strict and strictly enforced.

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Desert Tortoise,

Yeah, but very different region and the depth was only 6-10km. The Tohoku quake was 8.9m but like 30km deep. Also the building pictured above probably doesn't have the same building codes as Japan.

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