Armed men in Cameroon kidnap 79 school children


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French and English are the official languages of Cameroon.

Most of the Universities in the country are bilingual, so speaking both is important.

Kidnapping children? Unacceptable.

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Thanks for the background, theFu.

Kidnapping schoolchildren is inhuman and loses them any moral highground they may have had.

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Cowards the whole lot.

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They're English speakers fighting to protect English, so of course they'll get support from English-speaking politicians

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The only reason I know anything about Cameroon is that for the last month, I've been helping 2 young men from there learn some Linux skills.

I like both, want to help them out, and looked up some background about from where they legally immigrated. Cameroon is fascinating and a little scary. Both men speak 4 languages, BTW. I have a harder time with their accents then they do with mine, but we figure it out.

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I agree with all of you posters here. A crisis situation comes up, whether it's a real one or overblown or imaginary and something like this happens. That's right - take it out on children, yeah! I don't care what the excuse is - kidnapping is wrong! These jerks kidnap 79 children who did nothing to offend them, just like Douchebag Donald has kidnapped thousands of migrant children who did nothing wrong.

There's nothing - absolute NOTHING to justify or defend this kind of action! It doesn't matter who's wrong or who's right - THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE, PERIOD!

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