At least 21 dead after tornadoes rake U.S. Midwest, South


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Let's get these communities the help they need. RIP to those lost and warm thoughts to all those affected.

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RIP. I hope the wounded, cities and the economy will recover as soon as possible.

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We had 3 hail storm in our area in 11 days,in which roof were damage ,where I live ,April and May are peak tornado season and these people will be under another tornado threat Sunday night,night is the worst time for tornado

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The tornadoes in this part of the world are frequent, deadly and sudden.

why not build the bulk of a house underground? It would be much safer.

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RIP. Condolences to the surviving relatives and friends. Hope that the government ang charities will step in to help.

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Stay safe, everyone !

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why not build the bulk of a house underground? It would be much safer.

Asthetics are one consideration. High maintenance too as accumulated water would have to be pumped upwards and out instead of flowing by gravity. Think about the waste water flow in an underground home. Sewers would have to be dug 8-10 meters deep to have a gravity flow sewer system, which creates even more problems.

And after the first big flood with these underground homes filled to the top with water you would see people right her posting the question "why would someone build an underground home someplace that floods?" It also would make digging out from a big snowstorm pretty tough to do.

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Stay safe, everyone !

It is possible to build a wood frame home that can withstand almost any imaginable earthquake, but there is no home design that can withstand tornadoes like these.

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