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At least 210 killed in quake on Iran-Iraq border


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RIP. we all all humans and share your sorrow.

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Natural disasters are ruthless. We can do nothing in the face of the earthquake. I hope science and technology can be developed to anticipate the arrival of the earthquake in the future. I hope any other countries can provide some helps to Iran and Iraq.

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Sorry, wars and now earthquake. LA had earthquake but at least it has no war et.

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RIP, my thoughts and prayer be with them. this is sad

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Awful. One of the few situations that can't be prevented, for the most part.

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Natural disasters give humanity a brief window in which to be human with each other.

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Earthquakes are bad for humans anywhere they occur. Unfortunate for the ordinary people in the region who live and struggle day to day to feed their families, work or have a small business. In any country under any economic, political and religion system, human beings are human beings. Peace people.

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