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Australia calls for another mass evacuation as monster bushfires return

By Martin Petty and Colin Packham

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Amazing how many (about 99%) of Japanese school kids who are completely unaware that these bushfires and the smoke pollution are even goi g on.

Shocking really but they do know that the Tokyo metropolitan building has cute Olympic lights.

Good old NHK news

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sorry, hit post to early.

nsw is via https://www.emergency.nsw.gov.au/

Oh and there's a big one in Western Australia that's stopping east-west traffic on the main highway that doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere

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Who are these liberals never met one, am I the only one who thinks ash falling from the sky is normal, a sky that's red is ok. Starting to think these liberals might have a point.

but as a republican can't quite invisage truth as the hanging tree is engulfed in flames.

perhaps I'm not speaking in enough tounges

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While enduring this massive summer of fire it is noted with grateful hearts the well wishes from other countries and the assistance offered by friendly nations. Firefighters from Canada, New Zealand and America have been at our sides for some weeks and months. Malaysian firefighters from one Provence have suggested they should be there to to assist. Monetary Donations from Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea have been received with thanks. Individuals from many walks of life have donated funds to charities from rebuilding to wildlife care to the firefighting services.

What has surprised me is a seeming lack of chatter of calls from countries like Japan and China and India who have all at one point or another been on the receiving end of support from Australia in the aftermath of earthquakes and tsunami's or other disasters. You would be surprised how a small thing like a report of a call from a foreign leader offering moral and or other support actually helps. It helps keep the fighting spirit buoyed and reminds us we are all here for each other when natural disasters occur.

No call from Putin, Merkel, Abe, Xi and other senior world leaders? This is frankly a little disheartening to me. While Australia does not ask for pity, as an Australian I do look at those who offer a kind word or assistance and those who dont during a time of need for my country. I am sure there are individuals from every nation moved by scenes of horror to spare a prayer or donate a dollar to help. That thought helps me cope.

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Well, that PM is definitely not going to be re-elected with his previous record and current support of climate change denial.

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One good thing is that fake social media sites on twitter and facebook are being exposed as such.

These are the sites promoting fake news and ideas like "greens stop back burning " etc.

In fact, a Bushfire Hazard Reduction Certificate over rides any environmental legislation.

If you're getting info from twitter on these fires it has a good chance of being fake, instigated by trolls with an agenda {pro fossils or pro land clearing etc } ably assisted by "bots " and "useful idiots " who retweet.

Examples of fake sites include

arsonemergency bushfireaustralia

Aussies retain their sense of humour with #greens just bombed American bases in Iraq.

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If anyone is interested in local links, Victoria's ES link is http://www.emergency.vic.gov.au/respond/

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What? Good Grief?

Climate change is a liberal conspiracy!

This is exactly why we need major cities of the world to burn, sink and flood. The truth is that most people seem to believe or at least support the belief that humans have nothing to do with putting our planets inhabitants at extream risk of death and extinction. This comment bothers me no more than the bamboo straw, paper bag instead of plastic or Save the World profiting that is happening while 'the woke' media feeds a new religion to the consumer masses.

I'm old enough to remember when we started to realize what we were doing to the planet and we seem to be unable to stop. The 'World' does not need saving, it's existence is not dependent on mammals. Even mammals that have convinced themselves that they are chosen by god.

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Video about the current fires in Australia: www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_tn8f0uaB4

Make of the information what you will.

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@Peter14, I apologize for booking a holiday to Cuba, where I'll go for a few weeks, next Friday. I also apologize for thinking about booking another holiday in Japan, starting in March. That one won't happen. As a St. John's Ambulance trained first aid provider (rarely, but it's ugly) I'll use my travel to Japan funds to come see what I can do. Or just send the money.

Canadians are appalled at what you're going through, especially those of us in British Columbia where we have our fair share of wildfires.

Trust me, you're in our thoughts.

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I have no idea why you would apologize for taking a vacation anywhere.*

The assistance Canada has and is providing is making a great difference. Your leader has been in contact with our leader to discuss what can be done. Well done Canada and Canadians, you have our deep thanks for your thoughts prayers and assistance.

Please, enjoy your vacation. I am sure you have earned it.

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Nothing to see here folks, just a coincidence that over the past few years we've been having abnormally high temperatures and more frequent natural disasters! Climate change is a liberal conspiracy!

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Climate change is a liberal conspiracy!

Err, no. The claim that Western politicians can and should regulate the global climate by legislation and handing more power to the UN is.

It is not new, really. Remember the Aztecs had to kill a child every day to make sure that the sun rises.

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