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Australia foils terror plot to bring down plane

By William WEST

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I hope they can make it stick this time

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iIf they don't appreciate being in australia, boot 'em!

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"Australian authorities" Correction -- "Australian civil SERVANTS"

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Good result.

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iIf they don't appreciate being in australia, boot 'em!

You often find jihadis enjoy being in civilised countries despite believing uncivilised trash and wanting to turn civilised countries into theocratic crap holes.

It wouldn't surprise me if the police arrested them in the local strip bar.

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Deep ForestToday  09:31 am JST

"Australian authorities" Correction -- "Australian civil SERVANTS"

I up voted you to counter the 3 people out there (probably more to come) who totally missed your point and down voted you.

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As long as Japan keeps up with their unwillingness to allow refugees into their country and limit the amount and keep an eye on muslims in Japan then they should continue to be safe for the most part from terrorists.

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Psyops, agreed.

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 that police did not yet have "a great deal of information on the specific attack, the location, date or time"

Very sketchy details,if any, isn't it?

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