Australia sees China as main suspect in cyberattacks

By Colin Packham

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Gee...couldn't possibly be China could it?

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Rather heavy hints that it is China and not surprising - China invests a lot on hacking, particularly for industrial espionage.

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Boot em off the damn internet then, ..............give chy-na a one of them zukerburg bans !

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I'm wondering. Who could it be?

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And yet they always go unpunished.

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Apparently China has launched attacks on Australia , India and US in the last week!

I am sure they are retaliating, but it needs to be strong and visible!!

Like Lil Kim, Xi is crying for attention and needs a good spanking.

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And yet they always go unpunished.

And thats the thing. The Australian government is brilliant at talking tough, but behind the scenes they are working overtime to smooth things over with China - some would say bending over backwards. Plans are currently being made by the Aussie govt for tens of thousands of Chinese students to be welcomed back into the country, well before Australian citizens have the same priveleges of international travel.

The Morrisson govt will punish China - with a feather.

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Xi must’ve been reading that book - ‘how to make enemies & piss people off’

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China once again providing proof it can not be trusted under any circumstances.

China calls out everyone else as trouble makers when they do not agree with it. But when China hacks other countries is is lawful due to it being given the ok by Xi.

The Chinese government cares nothing for what anyone thinks, it does whatever it wants regardless of being hypocritical or despicable. Just another day for everyone's friend, China.

Stop all investing in China and remove all manufacturing by foreign companies from China and either reinvest in their native nations or give it to friendly nations. No more selling the free worlds soul to the CCP.

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And this is exactly why you don't want to allow Telecoms companies with ties to the Chinese military supply you with your 5G equipment.

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It's time to declare an intent to declare an actual state of "War" against an aggressor state that uses tech. to do it's dirty work.

Things may then change a bit.

If not, then... so be it.

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@zichi - qq. are you quoting State led Hacking or Corporate or Individual hacking figures ?

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@zichi - And what exactly do you mean by "hacking" .. there's a lot of Corporate driven "White-hat" hacking that goes on legitimately, and individual authorised "pen-testers"... so are your figures including them or excluding them ?

I for one, know, (from regular experience), that if you want to do anything within China, you can't unless the Government allows you to do so.

Yes, you may have a VPN that temporarily circumvents their firewall - but then, in that case your activity would be seen as coming from another Country, until it's shutdown by the CCP... if they wish it shut down. In the case of most foreign VPN organisations - its a matter of whack-a-mole in China.

(This is however, where the Big Data Government "spys" come into play and piece 2 & 2 together from a holistic perspective, to track data volumes by protocol - it's not difficult to see major spikes in requests coming from a VPN exit point and at the same time see an increased cable activity between the mainland China and elsewhere... especially since traffic from China is so restricted to certain official Corporate VPNs.).

China however, is I suspect being a bit more smarter these days. Free VPN applications offer them a control situation to bombard any Country from outside their firewall - which is why, I suspect, a lot of the Free VPNs have lost their HTTPS Certifications recently - someone has finally caught onto that fact and seen the light.(Doh!) ...

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