Australia to spend $500 mil on vaccines for wider region


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Well done, Australia. Thank you for this.

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Shows what is possible if people take things seriously and just get the job done.

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Australia is being realistic. If they don't do it China will.

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Desert Tortoise,

Absolutely correct, it's no good just complaining about China trying to increase its influence, you have to do something positive to counteract it. Of course Australia is already an important player in the region, but there's no room for complacency. $500 mill Australian is affordable and the project will engender more goodwill towards Australia and discourage a drift towards the Chinese sphere of influence.

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Good on Australia.

With America turning in (and upon) itself, it leaves power vacuums in the world which provides opportunity for democratic nations to step up and provide real regional-based leadership, rather than having Team America World Police running amok.

Australia is by far the strongest player in the region, both economically and militarily. There is a good opportunity for them to step up as a leader in the region, and being benefactors rather than aggressors or oppressors is smart soft politics.

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This is also about tourism. Not so much the inbound, but the outbound. Many Australians holiday extensively throughout south east Asia. They want to make the region safe to travel in.

Australians have been hit hard by travel restrictions, curfews, closed boarders, etc. The pandemic is pretty well under wraps at present with boarders opening up and domestic travel being encouraged. Sharing this vaccine around south east Asia is in preparation for the next stage of recovery.

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