Biden, in Kenosha, hails fight for racial progress


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awakening that helps the United States confront centuries of systemic racism and social discord.

Sad that that 'awakening' is being thwarted by Trump and his fellow white nationalists who are once again helped by 'foreign meddlers' throwing fuel on long burning fires and fanning their flames.

Trump is the most divisive president the US has ever seen. Xi and Putin smile at the job he's doing making the US weaker at home and abroad.

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Everyone is blaming Trump for everything,” the 50-year-old Kenosha man said. “But problems here have been around a long time before Trump.”

Yes, its laughable. Trump has been in politics FOUR years.

Biden has been in for almost FIFTY, eight of them as Vice President!

But its now that “we’re finally getting to the point..”

Tell me Joe, where have you been these fifty years??

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Trump didn't meet with the Blake family when he visited Kenosha earlier this week.

According to an earlier Associated Press report, the President didn't meet with the family because someone wanted a lawyer present during the meeting.

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Joe Hiden: Being a traditional democrat by dithering and leading from behind by showing up in Kenosha days after President Trump went there.

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Biden has been serving this country for almost fifty years.

Yeah, and Biden accomplished jack during those almost 50 years on the taxpayer dime.

Trump has been losing money

That's why he's a multi-billionaire - because he's been losing money!

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The police should not be using excessive force after they have neutralized a suspect. At the same time, the suspect should try to cooperate (regardless of race) with the police officers. Don't run away, don't pull a weapon and don't spit on the arresting officers.

Police officers should wear body cameras, but police should also be allowed to treat aggressive suspects as they would a dangerous animal. Get those long sticks out with collars (like what dogcatchers use) so you can keep aggressive suspects at a safe distance. Use tranquilizer guns as you see on Wild Kingdom. Then place them in cages. Again, this is all regardless of race. If the suspect is cooperative, then none of this is necessary. On the other hand, the officers hands are tied if he can't use force on a misbehaving suspect because they're afraid of appearing on CNN. Black people wouldn't like it, but white people wouldn't either. Bag 'em and cage 'em. If they can do it with lions without killing them, then they can certainly do it with people too.

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"Biden, in Kenosha, hails fight for racial progress"

JT headline..

"Biden jokes that Kenosha audience would 'shoot me' if he didn't wrap up his remarks"

The world headline...... Funny how it works.

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Biden has been serving this country for almost fifty years

”Serving”, hmmm. And in those 50 years, apart from sponsoring and pushing through legislation that disadvantages BLACK people, what has he done?

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Black peoples as political prop for Dems. Again.

why did joe have to travel there to then make a phone call? Prop.

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why did joe have to travel there to then make a phone call? Prop.

Acting all compassionate and presidential. How disgusting. He should be strung up by his thumbs.

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Alice Johnson was called a prop by liberal media pundits.

Several other media outlets have derided the role black speakers have played at the RNC this week. Articles in the Daily Beast and the Nation called black speakers "tokens." Joy Reid of MSNBC said that black people were put on display to "make white Americans feel good about white nationalism."

None of these people or organizations are Republicans. Yet here is a race card. Same race card Biden just played.

Republicans always paying the race card.

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Biden has been serving this country for almost fifty years. Trump has been losing money, constantly lying, molesting women, and conning people for fifty years. But, yeah, he’s the guy who can fix things.

Trump has gained and lost money in business, had a tv show that lasted on air for 13 seasons, become president of the United States; made the economy prosper and put China in check; he’s done more in the last fifty years than Joe’s ever done. Joe’s got nothing to show for the last fifty.

Then he talks about now is the time to recognize America’s “original sin”. What ever that’s supposed to mean. Slavery existed long before America became a country and is the only country to have fought a civil war to abolish slavery. Joe doesn’t even know history and he wants to be president?

Besides, if you couldn’t take the initiative to recognize America’s original sin while VP under the first black president, then I can’t believe you’re really going to to do it now.

I’ve noticed that Joe only meets with black audiences in churches. And it’s never to talk about economic policy or foreign and domestic policies or what’s going on with America and the rest of the world. It’s always only about slavery and racism and oppression. The dems are like Kim Jun Un: he beats his constituents over the head with the ideology of juche, and Biden and the dems beat theirs over the head with the ideology of victimhood. Both subject groups are kept in the dark and remain ignorant of any real politics and what’s going on outside of what their allowed to contemplate.

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Joe Biden is a Charlatan Politician.

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Too little too late Biden, the BLM riots and looting have cost the Dems this election in my opinion. I think the Dems may have also lost a load of voters permanently due to their arrogance and contempt towards victims of mob violence and looting. It may even turn into a landslide win for Trump. The Democratic party needs some soul searching because it won't ever win in future with such a far left activist wing constantly hijacking and humiliating the party..

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Yes there has been a lot of racial progress since Biden’s opposition to integration and his time hanging out with fellow segregationists in Congress. Of course now he is trying to reverse this progress by his support for critical race theory authoritarianism and cancel culture. Of course like Pelosi’s privileged life allowing her bypass the covid restrictions imposed on the deplorables, Beijing Joe Biden will not be cancelled for his attempted rape of Tara Reade. Like Bill Clinton before him the Left will forgive Joe’s transgressions - the same ones they will hold the deplorables to account for.

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What would you choose? Someone who acts in a religion or someone who desecrates two churches in a day, tear gassing church workers and demonstrators they were serving? Somebody who walks the walk or somebody who proclaims himself as the 'Chosen One'? Somebody who knows family tragedy and is a remarried widower or somebody who cheats while his third wife is pregnant? Somebody who talks with various people or somebody who is endorced by, racists, commits racist acts and talks racist talk? Someone who has a 50 year odd career of negotiating with various people (incl, 8 years as a VP) or an ill mannered ignoramus hatemonger who is unfit for human social circles of mature discussion?

A line has been drawn during the past few years. Do you support democratic traditions of 'liberty and justice for all' or are they just empty vapid words to recite? It's democracy vs. fascism here. It's a possible POTUS vs. a Hitler/Caligula/Peron.

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That's why he's a multi-billionaire - because he's been losing money!

We'll only know for sure when his tax returns see the light of day. And then, if Trump is so wealthy, he'll be able to gift a generous tax-deductible endowment to a privately-managed Trump Supermax where he'll be rooming for a while if there is any justice left in the republic.

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His campaign gave the people at the Kenosha town hall questions to read from, a script of what they could ask. If you dont read from this paper I gave you for "your" question, you aint black!

It appears Joe Biden's campaign is screening the participants at his event in Kenosha and even gave the participants a SCRIPT to read!

"I was told to go off this paper but I can't. You need the truth."

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good old pandering Joe in Kenosha.

“A black man invented the light bulb, not a white guy named Edison, okay?”

The black man, Leis Latimer, has a name, not that Biden knows that. He created an improved filament, he didn't invent the bulb. He's just fuel to create more racial divisions.

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Im just reporting on what Joe did to Black people during his trip.

Pandering and making them read from preapproved papers if they want to ask him something.

I wonder what Joe will have to say about the death of "100% Antifa" man who murdered the Trump supporter.

Maybe he can memorialize him or speak at his funeral?

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playing the race card and calling out people who do it are two separate things.

Even murderers are identified as racial protesters to try to make them sound like martyrs.

Racial justice protester suspected in Portland shooting death killed by law enforcement

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Playing the race card again

Speaking of race card. Breaking news. Seems like the man that killed the Trump supporter is now dead himself.

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Because Joe went there specifically to see Black people. Purpose of the whole visit.

Jacob Blake was white, he isnt going. guaranteed.

Why does it matter that they are black people? Because you’re playing the race card.

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Oh sorry to be clear it was an FBI fugitive task force after he pulled out a gun.

"racial justice protester" is the headline, instead of "murderer".

gotta love it when the media is always on your side. Wonder if we will have an article about this topic later, probably not.

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