Blasts kill more than 200, injure over 450 in churches, luxury hotels in Sri Lanka

By Ranga Sirilal and Shihar Aneez

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Yes, some of these Muslim council pronouncements were very quick off the mark and widely disseminated.

The Sri Lanka government knows exactly who carried out these planned and coordinated attacks, because they went straight to the bomb factory, but like Bali this island is part paradise for the world, and harmonious relations between all sects and religions are of the upmost importance. (The only thing the government does not know is how many are home-grown, how many are ‘foreigners’ and how many are possible returnees.)

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Will be patiently waiting for the public outcry from the muslim leaders around the world (and waiting forever).

The Muslim council of Sri Lanka issued a statement condemning the attack on the places of worship of “our Christian brothers and sisters on their holy day of Easter, as well as on the hotels in Colombo”. “We mourn the loss of innocent lives due to extremist and violent elements who wish to create divides between religious and ethnic groups to realise their agenda,” the statement said.

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So much instant carnage. I really don't know what killing these specific people will accomplish in the minds of those who did it.

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Will be patiently waiting for the public outcry from the muslim leaders around the world (and waiting forever).

How about condemnation statements from the governments of Bahrain, the UAE, and Pakistan? Because within hours, all three issued statements of solidarity with Sri Lanka and condemning the attacks.

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Will be patiently waiting for the public outcry from the muslim leaders around the world (and waiting forever).

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Whether it's a mosque, a temple, a church, what have you, it's so disgusting how a group of people could go into peaceful places of worship and murder their fellowman in cold blood in such a horrendous way, and at such a special holy time.

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Christians have employed convert or die for centuries, Buddhists? Take a trip to Thailand to see the ruins where one sect shed the blood of another sect, lopping the heads off their Buddhas, looking for gold, and Islam, the religion of peace? No religion is all that peaceful, it seems. Tragedies like this one don’t seem to wake them up, either. RIP the victims. Wish people could just get along.

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This very well could be the result of outside Islamic radicals, but it could also be militant Buddhist factions targeting Christians in order to provoke ill will against the Muslims in the country. Sri Lankan Muslims are a minority and they have not done this sort of attack before, they are far outnumbered and would be begging for retaliation. But militant Buddhist nationalists have shown a propensity towards violence towards Muslims and Christians already in the recent past in Sri Lanka. I don't think anyone knows at this point. So while it certainly could be outside Islamic militants, that would be very surprising. It's more likely it's coming from Buddhist extremists. That's my guess.

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Where is this information from?

I'd like to know too, can't find this information anywhere.

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Three different unconnected Japanese female acquaintances of mine have traveled to Sri Lanka within the last year for yoga retreats and such. Although they are all old enough to have been adults when that country was in upheaval they seemed to be unaware of any of it. One was planning to go again during Golden Week. I wonder if she’ll be changing her plans. The death toll is now over 200 from these deprived attscks.

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One of the worse aspects of humanity, is the human desire, willingness and ability to hurt other human beings.

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Where would we be without Religion and Politics ?

Free love and peace!

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Where would we be without Religion and Politics ?

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I don’t know if these are really religious fanatics or just people fuLl of hatred and anger and use religion to express it. These are not normal people.

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Even though I don't support any religion I still think its of great evil when people are attacked in their church, temple, mosque, synagogue.

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They forgot to list the usual suspects Jimmy Kelly and Timmy Dolan from Northern Ireland. Sick world full of hate in the name of religion. It can happen anywhere and will as long as we play on discrimination for political gain. Happy Easter and Passover as we try to understand ignorance in the name of our personal belief systems

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Christian groups and churches reported they had been pressured to end worship activities after authorities classified them as "unauthorized gatherings."

Maybe if the authorities don't try to marginalize the religions in their country there won't be such brazen slaughter.

Try peace and love (which all of these religions purport to advocate).

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Another disgusting act. How low can humans sink? Below almost any animal.

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RIP all the innocent souls who lost their lives. It’s hard to imagine what the families are going through who have lost their loved ones.

If we count the family members of those who passed away thousands of people are directly effected by this act of terrorism.

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