Boris Johnson likens Britain to Hulk in Brexit fight


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They should leave as soon as possible for their own sake. Their economy is almost in a recession, and their currency has fallen at an all time record low, even though nothing has actually changed since 3 years ago. It is the fear of uncertainty that is causing this turmoil, and the more they choose to prolong this, the worse it is going to be. There is no deal that would please them. The only possible deal that the EU would agree to sign with them is one that keeps the UK in the single market in exchange for complying with their rules and regulations, which means, they would still have to deal with the exact same rules, just not have a say in making them. The best option for them is to leave without a deal. There will be some short term turmoil but nothing as apocalyptic as they make it out to be.

They don't need to negotiate a "free trade deal", if they really want to have a free trade, all they have to do is .. not tax their imports. That's it. Free trade does not require a deal or a negotiation, that's why it's called "free", as in "free" from regulation. A managed deal requires years of negotiation. Just because somebody taxes your exports does not mean you have to do the same. Free trade is a unilateral decision.

I watched some of the latest news on this topic, and i am still amazed at the utter lack of dialogue between the two sides and the lack of clarity on the issue. Some people advocate for having no tariffs, but their arguments are utterly ridiculous and often self-defeating. Their claim that "they need us more than we need them" is ridiculous. Literally nobody that i saw made any real economic argument that actually makes sense and is based on principle.

Some of the commentators here had linked a video of the former WTO director Pascal Lemy, which i watched, but the guy is clueless. He makes multiple false assumptions and his understanding of economics is wrong. He thinks less exports means less production and less jobs. That's not true. There is no connection between less exports and less production. You can still produce the stuff you are more competitive in, and import the stuff that others are more competitive in. More imports does not mean less jobs, in means less jobs in the export industries, and more in the service sector industries. Cheaper imports is good for people. They only look at it from the point of view of the production industries, not from the point of view of the consumer.

Perhaps if Boris had better understanding of economics, he could've explain that to the public so they can support him, then again, it's a different culture, things work differently there as they do in Japan. I think this comes back to what i said earlier, of not having a culture of persuading others to support you, but rather having a culture of "i have the power, i will now do what i want, i am not obligated to give you any explanations".

It would be interesting to see if he manages to drag their country out of the EU. He would deserve a medal if he did that.

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"The madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets," he told the widely read tabloid, invoking the comic book and film character known for formidable but destructive strength.

Unfortunately, when Bo-Jo makes a comment like this thoughts turn to mental health rather than anger.

He is the most incompetent Prime Minster the UK has had for many years. Before deciding whether to support leave or remain he wrote two articles for his newspaper column, one for and one against Brexit. and that was just to help him decide what was to his advantage - he really does not care about anyone or anything else just what he can get out of it.

Also don't forget that during the Conservative leadership race in 2016 his friend and colleague Michael Gove scuppered his leadership bid by stating "Boris cannot provide the leadership or build the team for the task ahead.” and time has proven that he was correct.

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it's a different culture, things work differently there as they do in Japan. I think this comes back to what i said earlier, of not having a culture of persuading others to support you, but rather having a culture of "i have the power, i will now do what i want, i am not obligated to give you any explanations

What are you talking about?

Johnson is making one of his ‘colourful’ and ‘endearing’ comments again. Did he ruffle his hair up for it or were the cameras off?

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More Bozo the sad clown than incredible hulk. People are laughing but for all the wrong reasons.

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"Even to Trumpian standards the Hulk comparison is infantile," he tweeted. "Is the EU supposed to be scared by this? The British public impressed?"

Ouch! Thing is he does impress the deluded & gullible. Show of superiority & bravado to mask his/their massive inferiority complex. A substantial number of brits (20-30%, perhaps more) actually believe this 'they fear us because we're stronger than them!" bs that's why he keeps spruiking the same rubbish.

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The man is an embarrassment.

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Party leader Jo Swinson said Article 50, which triggered Brexit, would be revoked if she becomes prime minister.

I bet, she will never become a UK Prime Minister. The Labor has no chanced. They know the Labor won't win with leftist socialist leader Jeremy Corbyn. So they object fresh Election.

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nice try Boris, but the Hulk himself already gave the most elegant response...

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Putting a goofy narcissist in 10 Downing Street is a surefire formula for disaster.

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