Britain pledges military help to Sweden, Finland if attacked


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Well Boris will that be before or after the party?

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Should they apply, there will be an interim period lasting from when an application has been handed in until all 30 NATO members' parliaments have ratified it. 

I guess he means the UK will cover for the interim period, as once all are NATO members will they help each other as this is the actual purpose of NATO membership.

Seeing what happened with Ukraine (which is not a NATO member), it would be difficult to believe that Finland and Sweden would not get the same support in case of a Russian invasion.

Bojo is just trying to remain relevant (and in his PM seat) as having been in the news for all the wrong reason (last ones being last week's UK council elections which saw the Tories getting trashed and Irish reunification inching closer).

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The US, UK and France at the very least should commit to the protection of both Sweden and Finland until their NATO applications are completed and NATO members approve their ascension to the alliance. Make it clear to Russia that attacking either would be considered an act of war against the three western nuclear powers.

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it would be difficult to believe that Finland and Sweden would not get the same support in case of a Russian invasion.

What is interesting is that at this point Finland has a more powerful land army than Russia does, certainly better equipped and better trained, and a pretty good air force too. What they lack is the nuclear umbrella the US, UK and France can offer.

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Thank you, UK!

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U,the US got more soldiers in Europe,than got in Britain,which is less than 200 thousands men's under arms in England,do not be Polygamist,US has no treaty to defend Finland or Sweden

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Britain should make a pledge to Israel because that is where the next attack will be. Israel will be the alternative source of energy that will hurt Russian coffers. Russia will lead a coalition of nations including Turkey, Iran, Sudan, Libya, and central Asian countries (the stans) to invade Israel for a spOIL. This is end strong powers like Russia and extreme Islam. It will create a power vacuum that will usher in the one world govt to be led by the final world dictator. Maranatha!

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Yay for politics. I'm glad that our Leaders always keep our well-being at the top or their mind and truly care for us.


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Britain pledges military help to Sweden, Finland if attacked:

Can the shrinking UK really be able to help these two Scandinavian countries with economic and military aids when attacked?

Would London not want to ask itself if it will be able to protect itself in case of war..?

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Should they apply

We shall see.

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Finland has asked for NATO membership "without delay".

Acceptance is going to happen. In the meantime, NATO countries can sign short-term agreements until the final NATO agreement is complete.

Welcome Fins, though we've been working together for over 20 yrs. The integration will be just a little tighter now.

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Russia’s stated justifier if the war was partially due to the fear of NATO expansion on their borders. So Russia fell prey to the same failure of logic that extreme-rightists always do, and assume that complex real world problems can be handled with simple solutions. Russia thought this would be a 48 hour war. Now they’ve ended up inadvertently causing the exact thing they feared - an expansion of NATO presence on their border. And they can’t do anything about it because they exposed their military for being inept, and they’re so burdened by their failures in Ukraine they couldn’t afford to split their ineffectual military against other nations anyways. And in the meantime they’ve forced the rest of the world to quarantine Russia for at least a generation moving forward. And that’s if they take out Putin. If they let him stay in power, Russia becomes the next North Korea.

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Good job Vladimir Putin! You are the #1 NATO Expansion Salesman this month! Genius!

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