Weakened British Prime Minister Johnson survives no-confidence vote


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Omg.. Seriously @painkiller. You really believe that? Not that I have any love for CNN.

Spot on @Martimurano. Best comment here. And so true about Corbyn. Fortunately, the damage he caused should take at least one more election cycle to recover from.

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absolutely it was, thats a very insightful comment.

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JimizoJune 7  01:30 pm JST

CNN a bit of an unusual one there given the subject matter.

CNN's coverage of Brexit was their proxy media war against US conservatives.

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So, to sum up, people kept saying he wouldn't win and couldn't win because of the awful things he had done, and then he did win, so now they are saying that he didn't win by enough.

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Chibakun: "Should have been Hunt as PM"

I don't think so, he has as much charisma as a dead slug..... Boris has it by the bucket-load, which is why he's fundamentally popular everywhere he goes. People like a maverick, he's prepared to think outside the box, he cares zero about the media-induced political noise, and just waits calmly for it to abate.

Although he has his detractors within the Conservative Party, a lot of these are puffed-up nobody's just making mischief, and there's always the chance that he can win them back over in the future, as the next general-election looms, because guess-what, he's the only one who can win it for them, the rest are a pretty moribund lot.

Careful what you wish for in UK politics, they nearly had a former International Marxist elected at the last election there.

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With 9% inflation, it’s highest since 1982, I think the Main Street Brits have more important things to worry about. Small businesses are getting hit hard by the higher energy costs thanks to the US’s proxy war in Ukraine.

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brexit…CNN…The Guardian

CNN a bit of an unusual one there given the subject matter.

still salty about brexit

If you want to read really salty stuff about Johnson, try Nigel Farage.

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He may be elated for the time being.

I bet he isn't. Johnson may continue to do the "happy go lucky" act for the cameras, but he will be livid about this. His loyalists were resolutely denying a vote of confidence would happen even just two or three days ago. The holding of the vote and Johnson's poor showing in it greatly weaken him. He may limp on, but there is probably no way back now.

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Congratulations for now Boris!

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Keep going Boris! Every day he clings on it makes my day to read yet more whining from those who are still salty about brexit like CNN and the Guardian.

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Keep focus on mortgage interest rates, if able save money think about refinancing. but beware predictability can work either direction.

Johnson Government doesn't really have regulatory policy on the range of family groceries price movement.

Can you see how low to middle income range can be adversely affected by price movements.

I don't think this government does. They run into the hurdles, instead of jumping over them.

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painkillerToday  08:47 am JST

" none of this behavior is at the level to kick someone out of office."

That's for Conservative MPs and ordinary party members to decide. Not people like you.

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Weakened British PM Johnson survives no-confidence vote:

A convincing victory for him? Not at all.

Perhaps the main reason for allowing him to lead is there is no other white leader capable enough to substitute him.

He may be elated for the time being.

But for how long more..?

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(Former) continental euro-guy (and anglophile) here.

No surprises here.

The Tories have gotten themselves too deep in bed with Johnson for too long, helped by the media's infatuation with Johnson and a public easily duped for far too long by his laddish charm or whatsit.

On the continent has nobody ever understood the circus around Johnson who has only been seen as a self-serving con-man, chancer, charlatan, snake oil salesman, clown, buffoon, joke, UK-version of Trump or Italy's very own Berlusconi or anything else than public servant / politician / minister / prime minister material. How he actually managed to dupe public, media and political circles for so long remains a complete mystery to us...

With the cabinet having been changed to a work shed full of tools and the party having been vastly purged from people with capacities does the result speak volumes as to how much everybody understands that the game is up in face of voters' anger and still the circus is poised to go on and on...

Not only a sh.tshow but a real sad show as well...

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At least the British people got to see their leader being active and out and about.

Painkiller - I'm assuming you don't count the time he climbed into a fridge and locked himself in until the nasty man from the BBC with the difficult questions went away?

We all saw our "Leader". Shyte-scared of steeping out of his bubble of yes-men and inherited privilege.

This oaf is a stain of the office he holds. And the front bench of the Tory Eton Boys' Club is a shiver looking for a spine to crawl down.

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Great news for the opposition. Boris and his lies are their biggest vote getter

I wouldn’t put money on Johnson leading the Tories at the next election.

As pointed out, Theresa May did better than this in the challenge to her leadership and didn’t last too much longer.

The percentage of Tory MPs who showed confidence in Johnson roughly reflects the views of Tory voters according to the polls I’ve seen.

You wouldn’t want to go into an election with a leader with numbers like that.

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Let be frank nobody with there head on the right way up wants the job.

The pandemic, Brexit (NI protocol) cost of living crisis, energy poverty, one newspaper is predicting petrol £1.80 litre.

The "Jeremy Hunts" are about a useful as a astray on a motorcycle. And half a competent.

The one thing about Tony Blair he surrounded himself with proven advisers.

Boris Johnson with a solid majority has surrounded himself with dumb and dumber.

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Have a pint, Boris! It looks like you need one.

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Okay, done with that. Better get started soon on the party prep...

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Time to dust off that classic photo of that ripping wheeze, when de Piffle was stuck flailing in the air on a zip wire, waving a pair of Union Jacks, the clown. Sums his government up perfickly.

Labour'll be rubbing their hands, as this is their best possible outcome for the upcoming by-elections. He's an electoral liability. Nice one, Boris.

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I gave his hairdresser a vote of no-confidence.

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Johnson, a charismatic leader renowned for his ability to connect with voters, ...

Blah, blah, blah...

His clownish "charisma" will undoubtedly be his eventual downfall when enough voters who really count see through the frivolous trumpery of this mendacious mop-head thereby forcing the trembling hands of his terrified Tory accomplices to pull out their knives and an English "Ides of March" on this "Emperor with No Clothes". He survived the vote this time only on the cowardice of his clueless party caught like deer in the headlights of the electorate, but "Good Riddance" will be the muttered sigh soon heard rising from the self-duped millions of punters with "buyer's remorse".

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Known for his ability to shrug off scandals, the charismatic leader has struggled to turn the page on revelations that he and his staff repeatedly held boozy parties that flouted the COVID-19 restrictions they imposed on others. 

Completely fine with this. Other world leaders were flying internationally, having "meetings" and so forth around the same time, so none of this behavior is at the level to kick someone out of office.

In the US, there is a president who, in contrast with Johnson, stayed in the basement not only during the worst part of the crisis, but also even before the general election. At least the British people got to see their leader being active and out and about.

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As with the Brexit campaign, Johnson will see any win as a comprehensive mandate and roll on. So, champagne back in the cupboard and another year of the clown show as the nation and economy drops away further.

The opposition have no credibility, no personality and similar policies to the Tories (if not worse). Most Britons couldn't name a single member of the Labour party other than Starmer, yet they are still leading in the polls. That says a lot.

If those 148 Tories had the guts to vote against him in Parliament, with the opposition, things might get interesting. Sadly, I doubt that will happen.

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Yes survival but survival isn’t enough to be a leader.

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BoJo is gone when 148 members,vote against you,lowest no confidence vote in modern history of Parliament

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Great news for the opposition

At least most British citizens are allowed to have an opposition ( and can expect that those who oppose the current leader will not be poisoned, jailed or murdered) plus they can look forward to seeing a politician they do not support being removed from office; contrast that withNorth Korea, Saudi Arabia, China and Russia. Democracies are flawed but still usually allow ordinary citizens a chance, albeit small, to have some say in who leads them. The warmongering Putin will remain in power until 2036, giving him and his oligarchs more time to invade nations and perhaps start WW3.

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Mr. Johnson is a survivalist, many MP's like his style and energy, and those who can't keep up are going against him since they prefer going back to sleep.

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He should have gone long ago. Should've been Hunt as PM.

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Great news for the opposition. Boris and his lies are their biggest vote getter.

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The numbers are ugly, Johnson was backed by just 59 per cent of the parliamentary party.

Theresa May faired better in 2018 in a confidence vote at the height of the Brexit debacle.

Johnson only has himself to blame.

And the timing is crazy when the country need stable leadership.

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