CBS boss resigns after new sexual misconduct allegations emerge


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If he were connected to Trump in any minor way , Mueller would be raiding his home at 6am and investigating all his friends. Would also be 100 comments here, not 6.

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He should resign to prison if guilty.

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So he's innocent but donating 20 mil to #metoo ?

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I read the full story this morning in the New Yorker and want to offer four points:

1. I wanted to *****.

2. Farrow should win a Pullitzer.

3. Moonves shuold be castrated and imprisoned.

4. These women were incredibly brave to come forward.

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you don't dip your pen in the company's ink

Wouldn't that solve many of these issues?

Screwed up a few times, by agreeing some dates, but I wasn't the instigator and learned quickly it was a bad idea. Never repeated it.

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BB: Boys are being taught what you claim, just not with your ridiculous and misrepresented examples. Native English speakers can see right through this.

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Sexual harassment won't go away until we change the education system. Look at what we're teaching young boys when they're most impressionable.

Romeo and Juliet - She turns down his advances repeatedly but he keeps stalking her. What's the message to young boys... even if she says no, it's okay to keep persisting until you win her over.

Sleeping Beauty - The man kisses the girl while she's sleeping... without consent! Boys are taught that if you have a sexual impulse towards a girl, act on it, even if she hasn't consented.

Cinderella - She runs away from him, which would be interpreted as disinterest in any modern harassment case, yet he pursues her stalkishly across the whole town until he finds her. What's the message for boys, if you want her, chase her.

Boys are being taught to chase and pursue and that needs to change.

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