China, EU lambast U.S. for WTO in crisis

By Stephanie Nebehay

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The USA should implement the same restrictions that China has on all business transactions and corporate ownership.

/sarcasm off

The USA just wants fairness in world-wide trade.

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They got trumped. Except it. They lost the game. But at least they don’t lose wars, 30000 heroin deaths and bad food causing obesity.

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The problem with any "group" is the group mentality and standards which does not necessarily apply to or is meaningful to every single entity of country in that group. While there is benefits for the voting majority which the democratic process in most such organization want and require, it can end up as the "dictatorship of the majority". Or in some cases the dictatorship of the more powerful countries or groups within that organization.

Thus while there is "power" in a group or a union, it does not necessarily "serve" all its members equally or fairly. It may be good when negotiating with other powerful entities, but there is always the problem of internal inequity and unfairness.

Therefore, any group so organized will always have disagreements with other entities that have the power to affect the power or the majority within negatively, while it may be benefiting a minority within that very group.

And as a group they tend to have a "louder" voice in the yes of the general population. However, that does not mean that they are correct or right or what they oppose or support is good or bad for their group or for the rest of the world community.

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Sadly for both WTO and China, their rhetoric most often contradict their own actions, making their "voice" often doubtful and misleading.

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