China launches first domestically-built aircraft carrier

By Michael Martina

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Copying a foreign designed and built aircraft carrier is really the simple part. Learning to operate a carrier effectively is the harder part. Historically, Japan is the only Asian country that has any experience using carriers.

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But they don't even have aircraft carriers

But they can only buy old aircraft carriers, not build them

But they can't make their carriers as technologically advanced

I see a pattern here.

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Only 4 countries in the world capable of building 60000+ tonne carrier: USA, UK, China, Japan (capable but not yet built one).

China launching a 65000 tonne (full displacement) carrier is a feat in itself.

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No doubt Trump and Pence will be wanting a carrier battlegroup sent to China now...

If China engages in suspicious provocative moves, I would hope so.

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It will be almost 3 years before this is operational. Now they merely know it floats.

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May it sink under its own weight

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China has long known that to continue to increase its economic power in the Indian and Pacific Ocean regions it needs to increase the size and strength of its commercial and military navies.

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Tell the Chinese how complicated it is to build, and that they can't possibly do it, and there will only be one result.

The world has the Chinese building all their electronics and white goods already...

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Sure looks like a flattop, but I am wondering if China has the capabilities to replenish and refuel out in the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean.  I would love to see what a Chinese task force looks like.

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Why does China want carriers?

“Possession of multiple carriers epitomizes the overwhelming naval dominance of the United States, and their lack emphasizes the continued weakness of China’s navy. One of the most jarring moments for China in post–Cold War East Asia occurred when in early 1996 the United States dispatched two aircraft-carrier strike groups in response to Chinese saber rattling in the Taiwan Strait. For Beijing, the act harked back to the nineteenth century, when China had been bullied first by Western powers and then by Japan and forced to sign “unequal treaties” trampling on national sovereignty and to concede territory. For the Chinese, U.S. aircraft carrier dominance represents a latter-day variant of gunboat diplomacy and underscores that China, despite greatly increased military might, continues to be inferior, impotent in the face of overwhelming U.S. naval power.”

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I doubt whether the fighter and attack aircraft launched from this ship will be anywhere near a match for the carrier-based US aircraft, like the Super Hornet.

An aircraft carrier isn't simply a ship, it's one of the world's most complex systems. And building the ship was the easy part.

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I am surprised it took them this long. If you want to read up on carriers, check out how many were actually made by America during world war II.

Started out with 7 and went up and over 160 or so during. That is amazing.

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No doubt Trump and Pence will be wanting a carrier battlegroup sent to China now...

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China is rumoured to have bought further old aircraft carriers from other nations in order to study design features.

North Korea was warm and happy in the knowledge that China protected their back. Now they must be feeling a little draughty in the their back passages with this new carrier based up behind them.

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