China boosts spending for virus-hit economy; takes up HK law


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Let’s hope the world stands up to these Chinese bullies

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Beijing will give local governments 2 trillion yuan ($280 billion)

That is the same folly Western politicians always show us. Does none of the clowns (and their believers) ever realize that government can always only "give" to people what they take from people in the first place? No government in the world sits on a pot of gold (with the possible except on Norway and Saudi Arabia with their oil reserves).

What I am really worried about is that the CCP with prospect of a declining economy will now ramp up military aggression in order to keep the regime stable. Nobody in the mainstream media seems to have notices, but for the first time, the CCP has dropped the "peaceful" from the "reunification with Taiwan" statement, in their annual assembly, which until now was always there. This could get really ugly.

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Also Friday, the government announced the military budget, the world's second-biggest after the United States, will rise 6.6% to 1.3 trillion yuan ($178 billion). The military budget excludes some large items including acquisitions of major weapons systems.

Good to see they have their priorities straight. lol

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Bye-bye HK. Hello Shanghai.

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Most English based Foreign Companies in HK will /and are now in advanced stages of moving to Singapore - sadly Japan, although with the new building effort centrally... is going to be left with a lot of White Elephants, as it does not understand Finance/Commerce very well. and overly regulates, excessively overy... everything - making it impossibly expensive to operate here. So bye bye Mori, et al - since your large buildings will no longer be required (post - Corona downsizing/WFH), and bye-bye Abe ...( I hope), as he is totally clueless towards the future direction of prosperity for Japan as a whole - other than that for himself....

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It is their country, they can do what they want, if the 5 eyes doesn't like , just simply break off all diplomatic ties and trades.

Unless the 5 eyes have too many black hands working in HK.

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China signed an agreement with Britain and lodged it with the UN. The new law breaks that agreement.

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