China locks down epicenter of virus outbreak; nearly 600 infected

By Yawen Chen and Se Young Lee

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A bit late don't you guys agree out there? This could have been simmered down from the beginning. The case reported yesterday are totally watered down. In a population of 3-5 billion and only 47 cases? Please we are not that gullible.

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Interestingly, Japan was one of the first countries that reported infection...

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Well, as long as Chinese authorities and Trump have both claimed everything is under control, I'm sure we'll all be just fine.

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The previously unknown coronavirus strain is believed to have emerged from illegally traded wildlife at an animal market in the central city of Wuhan.

So just what "wildlife" was traded and more importantly from where did they originate?

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Interestingly, Japan was one of the first countries that reported infection...

Really? Abe didnt say anything about it until they opened the Diet session!

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Strange how “new” diseases tend to appear out of China whenever the populace gets rowdy. SARS and avian flu also coincided with Hong Kong protests and democracy movements.

Not saying that its more than coincidence, but the CCP will definitely use it as an excuse to clamp down on personal freedoms.

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There are new cases in Singapore, Vietnam and India or Saudi Arabia? I heard that the incubation period is 14 days so people can be infected and continue to spread without showing symptoms. The airport measures don't help. So wait a few days to see the numbers.

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