China to raise defense spending by 7.5%, lower than 2018

By Ludovic EHRET

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A 7.5 percent increase in military spending in 2019, lower than last year as the country faces an economic slowdown.

NO not exactly! Last year was a very gainful year for arms sales for China to other countries that released some of the burden of military spending! When arms sales business doing good lesser a little bit money needs to pour in the military! By the way, the army has been downsized very much!

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A lower increase is not the same as lower spending. There is an economic slowdown, yes, but spending on defense is still going up.

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I'm certain China has only peaceful intentions for its military, which is why it built islands in the South China Sea.

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A 7.5% increase in military spending is huge for any nation. This continues the worrying trend in the Chinese military buildup. For a country that has not been threatened since WWII there is no rational reason for this military buildup unless it intends to use these abilities.

China has no enemies other than those it creates itself.

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As I have pointed out before, it had a powerful defensive military which would have made any aggression against the Comunist party very expensive. What it is spending huge sums of money on are offensive weapons systems. An aircraft carrier is a force projection tool, it is an aggressive weapon system which is why Japan was banned from building them after ww2. These weapon systems in such vast numbers (and they are planning many more aircraft carriers) are a deliberate threat lever to coerce their neighbours.

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"China's limited spending in defense only aims to maintain the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of the country,"

Unless you are in Taiwan... or Japan... or trying to travel in the South China Sea... oh yeah, or a Canadian inside China... let's see, who did we forget?

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China military spending should drop below 3.5%.

They've already made huge gains in military capabilities. 7.5% is very high for a country with a growing GDP already the 2nd largest economy in the world.

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