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Climate justice - and cash - shadow U.N. talks

By Kelly MacNAMARA and Patrick GALEY

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Nobody are gonna give corrupt official that cannot give their people basis governance, billion of dollars too line their pockets

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So let's see. The wealthy nations are suppose to give money to poorer nations, to help them reduce emissions caused by the outsourcing of factories to these poor nations to produce goods consumed in wealthy nations that then provide nice value added profits for corporations in wealthy nations, which do their best to to avoid paying taxes to their governments, so there is less money for wealthy nations to provide to poorer nations, but lots of money for corporations to invest in fossil fuel company stocks.

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The sham continues, the rich kids will fly back on their private jets to their luxury holes belting out their co2 like there is no tomorrow and they've all gotten pats on the back for being a good speaker - notably Mr Obama he gave a good speech always does

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Bizarrely this article fails to mention that the largest group of delegates at the conference, 503 people, had links to fossil fuel interests and were there to lobby for those interests.

""The likes of Shell and BP are inside these talks despite openly admitting to upping their production of fossil gas," said Pascoe Sabido of the Corporate Europe Observatory, who were also involved in the analysis.

"If we're serious about raising ambition, then fossil fuel lobbyists should be shut out of the talks."


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Boomers will have to stop driving, flying, eating meat, or care 2 cents. They're not going to

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I think there is a lot of hot air coming from these talks.

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Boomers will have to

Given the millennials are a larger group in the US at least, and seem to be at the forefront of green movements and will be the ones paying the greatest costs for the baby boomer's neglect, it's millennials who should be addressed. Generation Xers, too. And anyone else who cares about the quality of life on the planet.


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"and cash"

Says it all doesn't it?

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Climate justice and cash - shadow UN talks:

After climate change, comes climate justice.

In a world extremely lack of justice of every kind, where lies climate justice?

All would be in vain..

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I don't think anyone wants to give up there life style. And the so called under developed countries want to have the same life style as the richer countries.

After this climate conference black Friday sales will start. How many will say no to consumable products?

Also how did the representative came to the conference? No by bicycle or walking or any other so called environmental friendly transportation.

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"If we're serious about raising ambition, then fossil fuel lobbyists should be shut out of the talks."

If we’re serious then anti-nuclear activists should be shut out of the talks.

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