Death toll from blasts in Somalia's capital tops 300


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Animals killing innocents people going about their daily lives in the name of religion. RIP.

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At least 230 lives lost. And for what?

Madness. Senseless slaughter.

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Here we have a burned out, charred wasteland of a country forever mired down in a forever-war in which bombings and massacres are wreaked upon the poorest and weakest souls on the planet. To the "victor" go no spoils other than demolished buildings, salted and infertile dust bowls, disease, famine, and destitution. And there is nothing the world can do to stop it.

I know it is a stupid question, but what are these murderers hoping to accomplish? They couldn't expect to convert others to their ideology by killing people's loved ones.

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RIP to all innocent lives lost. Condolences to all Somalis and all who are sickened by this.

The Horn of Africa is locationally important to various powers wanting greater control over the movement of hydrocarbon resources. Follow the money, see which religious/ethnic faction is murdering innocents and which hydrocarbon power is financing them.

It's part of an ongoing war of competing belief systems and competing resource exploiters.

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I honestly did not know Somalia had a president. Last I checked, it was run by rebels and martial law.

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Interesting to see the Turks using this to increase their presence in the region.

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@dadude. Just like Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iraq...they had stable goats after years of conflict. But Gadaffi ruled his country hard but there was peace. The Taliban brought peace to Afghanistan after decades of civil war. Assad, like Gadaffi ruled hard and keep all the various clans, tribes and religions together in peace. Same with Saddam. Then along came US and West. No peace. Just Mess.

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, the unelected president of Somalia was put into power by US and allies as a puppet. Before when al Shabaab controlled Somalia, people went about their lives in peace. But they started to complain and charge western countries for dumping the toxic/nuclear waste in Somalia. That lead to failed US war, which lead to piracy as a means of income. Them foreign armies invaded from africa and western special ops started to kill Somalis. so its a mess.

the president is just a puppet, the people suffer everyday.

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I'm happy to see there is at least one country there that show some humanity and act directly to help the injured people, you know just saying " we condemn this terrorist attack " and then skip immediately to something else show how little there is honesty behind those words.

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