Defiant Erdogan attacks EU, backs restoring death penalty

By Daren Butler and Tuvan Gumrukcu

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'Ripping heads off people'

Surely, that talk would send Turks fleeing and into EC countries if Turkey were a member.

I feel sorry for the population there.....

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Erdogan is literally trying to reverse Ataturk's secular Turkey back into an Islamic country.

He has gotten a lot of slights and aggressive moves from the USA recently, but he is a pretty bad person in my opinion.

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It's rather laughably pathetic how the west flip flops between the losers it props up. The bed was made, time to lay in it!!

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@fredovic It's rather laughably pathetic how the west flip flops between the losers it props up.

On a propping up losers theme, does Russia continue to support North Korea because Stalin handpicked and propped up Kim Il Sung? Of course that was the USSR, but with Putin emulating Stalin, trying hard to become more popular than him in the minds of the Russian people, maybe not that different. A problem with longterm dictators like Erdogan - and others I won't mention - is change happens. International relations are based on what-have-you-done-for-me-lately, my enemy's enemy's my friend, how rich can you make me and other Realpolitik principles. Shifting sands shift nations, especially when there's lots of oil to help things shift. Look at the Qatar situation.

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A list of ten vicious brutes supported and propped up be the good ol us of a

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always wondered where ww3 will start. only four choices.

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