Driver in Melbourne car attack charged with 18 counts of attempted murder

By Mal Fairclough

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If he had not been in Australia, nothing of this would have happened. Am I wrong ?

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If he had not been in Australia, nothing of this would have happened. Am I wrong ?

Of course, because everyone knows mental illness is exclusive to immigrant refugees.

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Jonathan PrinToday  03:47 pm JST

If he had not been in Australia, nothing of this would have happened. Am I wrong ?

You're not saying anything wrong, but you're also not saying anything of substance. "If they hadn't been there, they wouldn't have committed the crime" literally applies to ever criminal who ever did exist, who exists now, or ever will exist.

So unless your solutions are either A) a magical device that instantly reads people's minds, detects when they want to commit a crime, and teleports them away, or B) apocalyptic destruction of the entire human race, your observation hasn't really added anything to the discussion.

(If you go with option B, please lend me the keys to your secret Skull Island base when they finally lock you away. I have plans.)

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It's a terrorism act regardless of whether he acts alone or group. Federal and State Government and Police have avoided the term of terrorism attack because they don't want people scare and not coming to CBD for Christmas shopping and New Year Firework celebration in the City. He was purposeful and wanted to kill the peoples who are preparing for Christmas and they are coming to the City for Christmas shopping.

Police said he has a history of drug abused and mental health plan. The mental health plan was used for to avoid working for the dole scheme and four to get a disability pension in Australia. The doctor has given mental health plan to his or her patient for a free consultation with Psychologists or Psychiatrist. It's a bogus mental illness for disability pension. Actually, they don’t have a mental illness problem and they were taught by people who know the Centrelink’s law. Most of former Muslim refugees do not work and they were on disability pension with mental illness. They know where to go and which doctor is refugee sympathizer and help them. They abused the system. You can find them at Crown Casino and enjoy flirting with women.

The killing of kafir (infidels) is all Muslim duty that was what Muslim said. Allah will reward them with 71 virgins in heaven. He was trying to kill people for religion reason. It was an act of terrorism.

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Chop ChopToday  02:31 am JST

He was purposeful and wanted to kill

Again, I'm no expert on Aussie law, but that sounds like 1st degree murder, not terrorism.

He was trying to kill people for religion reason. 

That's not necessarily terrorism either.

Terrorism is a specific thing. It's not "murder while Muslim".

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