Duterte tells U.N. human rights expert 'to go to hell'


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It always tickles me when people want to play an active roll in the international community but don't want to be subject to international standards.

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thug life.

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One wonders how these bozos get elected.

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Hasn't this guy executed his son yet? You know, for drug-related offences.

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Please lead by example on the trip, Duterte. You know you’re going there soon. The U.N. rights panel might not be, but just in case you can spend eternity waiting. Things are going to end badly for Duterte before too long.

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Duterte is a class act no doubt.

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Trump probably learned from him.

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We have to wonder how History will look back upon this period of time in the Philippines. Will Duterte successfully deal with all the woes besetting this country, or will he fail and be seen in the light of comments made by many here. Only time, will tell.

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when did it ever became UN's job to investigate ex-CJ's removal? PDU30 wasn't even involve in removing her. Her removal was on due process under Philippine Law. And if I should say, there were more crimes committed against citizens before his than during his term. If people's rights were being violated then the Aquino administration would've won in conducting a 3rd People's Power. Which is PAID. - and I'm sure this post will be remove because I realize even international media is manipulating.

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Duterte has a point -as with the EU-, the UN has said nothing about China's human rights record. In fact, the UN did not allow Taiwan- A Democracy- to attend the WHO meeting in May. Does the UN really care about human rights or does care more about lining its pockets with cash?

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