Energy crisis spurs nuclear comeback worldwide

By Catherine HOURS

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Propaganda article to justify the restart of the Japanese reactors.

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But surely renewables can produce sufficient energy right??

Well anyway…

Some experts argue that nuclear power should not be considered an option

Experts in what, with what motives?

Greenpeace Germany's climate and energy expert,

Uh huh

Some countries, like New Zealand, oppose nuclear

Right, a place about a 10th of the population density of Japan. Mkay

the European Parliament approved a contentious proposal giving a sustainable finance label to investments in gas and nuclear power.

I personally couldn’t give a hoot what some bunch of central planners agree to label it as.

Diversity of energy sources is unambiguously good I think.

they will arrive too late to address climate crises

When is that, specifically. We should talk again when that date is reached.

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Japan is not in a bad situation as they can turn on the nuclear power plants.

However Europe is doomed as they shut down nuclear power plants, limited coal generated power plants and gas prices are set by Russia.

Germany and France energy pracies are highest ever just wait till the winter starts and Europe will get into depression.

Japan = safety.

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Germany is already in electricity crisis. Prices has skyrocketed to almost €1,000 per megawatt hour. The electricity price has risen by 720% ytd. Such increases will bankrupt many energy-intensive firms.

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Ok we had Cernobyl, Fukushima and now the problems with the plant in Ukraine, so I don’t know what else needs to happen for Japan to realize that it should finally start seriously geothermal, ocean current and wind and sun and not again nuclear. How dump are people or maybe, ho corrupt are governments?

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France gets over 50% of its energy from nuclear but with problems at plants and global warming drying up rivers that serve for cooling it has to import energy from Germany, that’s why Germany has to burn gas for electricity this year. Nuclear should be used until the old plants run out and that that. O my Finland has solved the final resting place issue of nuclear waste. Japan is totally messed up with nuclear, no plan whatsoever except but sness as usual. Woudl they finally have resolved the waste issue would could think about it BUT they have t!! And never will because it’s all about cashing in now and no one cares about teh future

-6 ( +6 / -12 )

Japan = safety.

The 2nd worst nuclear disaster in history. notorious for its bungled response and cover up.

Nobody’s rational definition of safety.

3 ( +10 / -7 )

Japan = safety.

Lmao. Having anzendaiichi written all over the place doesnt make it true

6 ( +9 / -3 )

I accept nuclear when the storage of the refuse is solved. Only Finland has done it as of today. Japan is a disaster with nuclear. And a war over Taiwan looming its not teh smartest thing to have nuclear plants in japan with all the American bases that will be targeted by the Chinese…..

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There's an irony in turning to nuclear energy because you want to try and hurt Russia, because even the US has to buy its reactor fuel from Russia.

Even more ironic, there is a country with the technical expertise, the proven ability, and excess capacity to make reactor fuel to recommission the shut down plants in Europe and beyond.


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The electricity price has risen by 720%


5 ( +5 / -0 )

The risks of a nuclear meltdown appear to be outweighed, at least for now, by the risks associated with Global Warming.

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The electricity price has risen by 720%

Just had to see for myself and it's even worse, per france24:

The year-ahead contract for German electricity reached 995 euros ($995) per megawatt hours while the French equivalent surged past 1,100 euros -- a more than tenfold increase in both countries from last year.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

countries were too late / lazy in converting and transitioning to greener energy sources from warnings decades earlier so suprise suprise the inept nations are going back to fossil fuels. Nuclear isn't a future, it's a legacy to the pollution generations that just can't get off the sauce

-5 ( +2 / -7 )

*surprise, misses an r

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Folks have a choice, affordable electricity or not. So-called renewables sound good on paper(and for the simply minded), but the reality is that solar, wind, and hydro power are just not reliable.

The reality is that a combination of primarily atomic and fossil fuel generated electricity will be the two main sources for the foreseeable future, with solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal as supplements.

The other actual choice is NO ELECTRICITY.

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It's time to start using plan b because we're already in a power crunch. It's probably better to stockpile wood just in case. Nuclear is never on time and never under budget. Meltdowns and no place for the waste, yeah right!

-2 ( +3 / -5 )

Nuclear Could even see the rise of external powered vehicles. Like electric trains, cars and trucks could have a pantograph joining up with a catenary wire above all the roads. Never need to worry about filling up the gas tank or charging the battery. The nuclear and other power plants would be powering them.

3 ( +4 / -1 )

EVs are all well and good(well, except for the sporadic fires!) but, if they were charged by atomic power that would be better!

5 ( +6 / -1 )

Japan, US, and other countries facing energy crisis, should still be wary of the dangers of nuclear energy . . . (e.g. Fukushima, . . . ) Energy conservation strategies (such as passive solar, thermal insulation, thermal mass) as well as renewable forms of energy (e.g. solar, wind, hydro, biomass, geothermal . . . ) should be strongly researched and considered.

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The article on the other hand totally avoids the danger of a war environment, dare-devil tit-for-tat games and nuclear blackmail.

Safe nuclear power generation assumes a friendly natural environment (plenty of cooling water in your rivers, etc.) and a world which has irrevocably evolved away from any possibility of medieval ideas of conflict.

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Solar, Hydro power plants are much cheaper, and safer , japan has plenty of river to harvest enough electricity unlike many other nation that doesn't even have a running river.

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Nuclear energy will always have proponents and opponents. 3-mile island, Chernobyl, and now Fukushima are examples of how dangerous nuclear energy can be and therefore, it is a genuine concern.

However, putting those examples aside, how has nuclear energy performed over the past several decades when it comes to providing safe and reliable electricity for countries worldwide?

Solar energy works only on sunny days unless storage batteries are used. Hydroelectric energy works only when water levels are sufficient. It has been reported that China's Three Gorges Dam has insufficient water levels caused by drought.

Wind energy needs wind and storage batteries.

The biggest drawback of nuclear energy is what to do with nuclear waste. However, new technology to process nuclear waste is on the horizon.

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However, new technology to process nuclear waste is on the horizon.

Sounds tempting, and crucial. More info please.

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We just have too many people and the numbers are climbing.

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3-mile island, Chernobyl, and now Fukushima are examples of how dangerous nuclear energy can be and therefore, it is a genuine concern.However, putting those examples aside, how has nuclear energy performed over the past several decades when it comes to providing safe and reliable electricity for countries worldwide?

The reactors that have had incidents have been old, and the problems leading to their failures were human error. While this still could happen again, the benefits of nuclear power seem to me to be worth the effort to ensure proper oversight to prevent human error. It's a big risk, because when a plant goes bad, it goes really bad, but the cleanness of the energy, plus the amount that can be produced, combined with the fact that we are using way too many fossil fuels right now, says to me that nuclear power is the way to go forward. With lots and lots of oversight.

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A person cannot open the office window of a skyscraper.

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Propaganda article to justify the restart of the Japanese reactors.

Not really. If you care about the climate and global warming, you will acknowledge that nuclear has a part to play in green energy.

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With lots and lots of oversight.

Do you trust humans enough to be able to monitor nuclear waste for a hundred thousand, or a million years?

I fear that a nuclear accident that eclipses Chernonyl & Fukushima is well within our levels of incompetence.

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Propaganda article to justify the restart of the Japanese reactors.

The real Propaganda is foreign ideas of wind mills and solar panels as a solution and fix for Japan's massive energy needs!

What's Propaganda is people from large countries with infinite resources, telling Japanese how to deal with energy needs when we don't even have enough flat land to expand, most of Japan is Mountains! 80%!

Nuclear is necessary! Especially for Japan! If you truly care about Japan or have Japan's Best Interests at Heart It Would Be Obvious!!

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Someone mentioned purchasing uranium, but raw uranium isn't reactor fuel. As I said, even the US actually ends up purchasing reactor fuel from Russia. Oh, and deaths from accidents involving nuclear energy vs deaths from accidents involving gas fired energy is like deaths from airplane crashes vs deaths from car crashes. The first are rare, but attention getting, while the second are common, and it takes something special for them to come to the public's attention.

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Yet with all these comments about the yin-yang of nuclear power, not one commentator has mentioned the new and very small, almost portable reactors being tested (here in Canada, at least, where the technology is leading the field). And where I live, in BC, it's all hydro-electric, as in lots of water and big dams. So from where I sit, I'm not all that concerned.

Sorry. Reality sucks. To some.

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Solar and wind are not a viable source of energy! The world whines about Nuclear power while it is sustainable!

China builds numerous coal powered electric energy plants as does India as the eco-warriors clamber against fossil fuel China has no trust in fantasy renewable energy. It’s a fools errand to continue to tout renewable solar and wind when the battery technology and grids are unable to meet the demands that will be thrust upon them if the ‘green’ folly takes serious hold in the world!

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