Expulsion of Australian ministers casts doubt over more than 100 gov't decisions: opposition Labor

By Tom Westbrook

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Hilarious.  in a nation which is (vast) majority immigrant and they have some antiquated rule about dual citizenship.  the electorate must be bemused.

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"Antiquated rule"? The "antiquated rule" has been repeatedly discussed and there doesn't seem to be any wide spread support for allowing citizens with dual citizenship, or those of only foreign citizenship, to be given the opportunity to create/change the laws of Australia. The electorate seems quite satisfied with the way things are now.

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It's antiquated in the sense that it makes no exceptions or allowances for people with rather tenuous dual-citizenship, such as in the examples we've seen so far where the persons in question didn't even know they were dual citizens. That said, you'd think members of government would familiarize themselves with the law before they take office no matter how ridiculous or antiquated these laws may be.

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I'm no supporter of Australia's current Government, but damn right it's an antiquated rule. We are a nation of immigrants and there has been criticism of the Constitution on this issue from both left and right, except if there's a political advantage to be gained from it. It's telling, though, that until now those caught out have been mainly from minor parties - the ruling Liberals and the Opposition ALP having thorough processes to weed out problems. Until today, at least, when it's possible the Australian Senate President (Liberal) may have to resign. His crime? He may also be British. Gasp.

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