Fauci apologizes for casting doubt over UK's approval of Pfizer vaccine

By Estelle Shirbon

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Dr. Fauci needs to shut up and realize he’s not the only one with a doctor’s degree. He’s starting to look like a quack.

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This weekend Moscow will start to vaccinate it's citizens.

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It is a bit funny that a vaccin from a major Us company gets approved first in the UK and is produced and delivered from Belgium.

but than again Mr Johnson needs the publicity and, if the UK citizens are first to be vaccinated, it gives Britain an important economic edge over continental Europe with regards to Brexit. If it works well they might be the 1st economy to fully restart its economy.

for once I must say, a clever decision with an acceptable risk by Mr Johnson

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Dr Fauci was hoisted onto his pedestal by the media. He's not in fallible, he's human with his own expertise and frailties. Take his comments with a grain of salt.

BTW, if he was that good, he'd not lost his leadership.

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we will all know in a few years if those vaccines are really safe and effective.

Otherwise, if no side effects or deaths on a short term, governments will push their agenda by saying; look it has not been any problem in this and this country.......

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governments will push their agenda by saying; look it has not been any problem in this and this country.......

What do you mean by "push their agenda"? Are you implying that governments have some agenda around Covid vaccinations other than a public health one?

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Real men admit when they've made a mistake. Fauci is a real man.

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The COVID-19 vaccine hasn't been tested enough on children under 12 years old. This is rather worrying, especially if you have children who have asthma or allergies.

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He’s starting to look like a quack.

Still would trust him over the covidiots who deny the pandemic and hold super spreader events and post misinformation online.

There's caution, as displayed by Fauci and there's wilful and dangerous falsehoods, as displayed by mischievous persons.

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