Former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega dies at 83


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The onetime U.S. ally

Murky, murky, murky. Is there anyone the US Govts wouldn't cosy up to, long as it suits their puposes?

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Noriega looks a lot like Duterte.

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Noriega looks a lot like Duterte.

You think? I reckon he looks more like Steve Bannon...

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As Torrijos' intelligence chief, Noriega monitored political opponents and developed close ties with U.S. intelligence agencies guarding against possible threats to the canal. Two years after Torrijos died in a mysterious plane crash in 1981, Noriega became the head of the armed forces and Panama's de facto ruler.

You reap what you sow. Get rid of your mentor with americas help more like,lulled into thinking you're somewhat special, then when you're not needed,discarded like spoilt milk. american operandi 101!!

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Remember, Kiddies. The CIA is your friend.

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Noriega refused to play ball with the CIA in their drug shipping business.

Hence he was suddenly ousted, in total contravention to every principle enshrined in the UN constitution.

Sovereignty doesn't seem to apply to some countries.

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II have to agree with many of you. Noriega wouldn't play ball the CIA way so they ousted him. He should have known better than to cross them.

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A good friend of mine is Panamanian...we'll have to ask HIM

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I came here to see what stories there were about North Korea vs. Japan and I see the three top stories for comments are all about TRUMP!

This story is GOOD to remind people that Trump is an angel compared to most leaders.

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I lived in Panama from 1987-1989. I was there during the invasion. All of my household goods were destroyed in that war (I was USAF). Everyone perishes. Though he did wrong during life, he probably did right too. Life will go on. I only hope that the Panamanians will live life to the best of their ability.

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The US/CIA was fine with General Pinochet, the Argentinian generals, and other Latin American strongmen who murdered thousands of political opponents . But Noriega acted too independently and thus was removed.

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US turned a blind eye to Noriega's treatment of his people and drug-running activities, so long as he remained an US ally. But then he started leaking intel to Cuba and biting the hand that fed him, and when the US has had enough, they didn't overlook his activities anymore and got rid of him.

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He was used and thrown away like a pieces of garbage by your favorite uncle US government ( CIA )

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