GoFundMe ends fundraiser for Canada convoy protesters

By Rob Gillies

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Interesting that GoFundMe supported CHAZ/CHOP despite unlawful activity.

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“It’s not a protest anymore. It’s become an occupation,

yeah and what did the “O” in CHOP stand for? Gofundme had no problem distributing that money.

they only offered to automatically refund the money once gofundme got charged 1 million dollars in chargeback fees in 2 hours.

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Wonderful, only the bottom feeders would fund people who carry Swastikas, nazi flags and spout anti semitic nonsense at their rallies.

The fact that a lot of them were wearing Maga caps shows where the funding is coming from!!!

Bigots across borders is what this rally is all about!!!

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Ottawa police thanked them for listening to the concerns and called “on all crowdfunding sites to follow.” Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson did the same and said he hoped limiting the funding would restrict their ability to stay.

Met Jim Watson a few years ago, wonderful guy.

Feel sorry for the wonderful people of Ottawa, the bigots invading their city must be a terrible experience!

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To see whether you really disagree with these truckers and the freedom movement in general, extract the subject from the story, and think of the principle behind it. If you are saying "I don't want these protests", then think of what really happens when you do want protest - right now you are consigning away your right to a life that extracts your right to oppose any kind of power. If you can't oppose power, then power is going to do whatever is convenient for it whenever it wants to. If the mechanic is removed - and part of that mechanic is the ability of people to come together to oppose it - then any ideas of people wanting to have a voice begin to be perjured, negatively regarded, smeared and slandered.

Wake up to what is really going on before it's too late.

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@ulysses, this Canuck just voted up each of your posts. I'm sure some who down-voted you are just as bigoted as the Nazi and Confederate flag wavers. This is NOT a Canadian truckers' protest. And it's not anti-vax. Sadly, too many idiots here just can't get it. If you saw what those a**holes are doing in Victoria - egging the homes of people who put up hearts in their windows that indicate their support of health-care workers - you'd be appalled. Any sane person would be.

My first thought when I began following the story was to plant limpet mines on the rigs and blow them. But, that might have hurt some of the mindless idiots who drive them. But, do you know how much the tires on those rigs cost? Just a thought.

And I'm really, really tired of that mindless cliche that says Canadians are all super polite and tolerant. We're not, really. We're just a bit too anti-violent for our own good.

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This is why governments want to shift from cash to digital currency. They can control digital currency.

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This is why governments want to shift from cash to digital currency. They can control digital currency.

Not decentralized unmanaged cryptocurrencies they can't.

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Freedom to protest is guaranteed. That doesn't include overnight parking. I'm serious. No overnight parking. Clear out everyone daily. If they return at least 8 hours later, fine. Driving around the block doesn't count.

GoFundMe ... is learning that their actions/lack-of-actions has consequences. I'm surprised that impacted, local, businesses don't sue.

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While BLM and others who caused destruction and deaths had no issues with GoGund Me collecting and distributing money. Suddenly they can’t. This stinks of you know what. The most peaceful and non violent protest is endangering the the control/power obsessed politicians who have no clue what the average citizen wants or thinks. NO MANDATES. SIMPLE

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