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Gunman kills 9 in German shisha bar rampage

By Anika Ross

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Very strict gun laws.  But quite high level of gun ownership. 

Seems that use of guns for criminal acts can happen pretty much anywhere.....

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..... But far-right attacks ....."

Who says that it was a far-right attack?

Quite some fights going on among groups from Arabic countries.

Here especially to be mentioned so-called "clan crimes".

But whatever and who ever it was ... a sad day!

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Drug War, European Style, just like Amsterdam

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Seems that use of guns for criminal acts can happen pretty much anywhere.....

And much, much, more frequently in nations where there are so many guns in the hands of so many people, and where the guns and ammo industries have such power they can effectively block measures that might in even some small way limit the number and kinds of guns sold.

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The Guardian reports they were shisha bars, and some victims are of Kurdish background.

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Who says that it was a far-right attack?

Ah, that bête noire of the progressive media, rarer than hen's teeth and yet reading the press you would think that Anders Brevik had an army of disciples marauding the political landscape. Landing the first punch is a textbook form of smear and deflection, while the truth is that at the moment, we have no idea who perpetrated the attacks...

...but we're going to insinuate it was Caucasians anyway.

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The guy who shot was found dead (alongside his 72 yo mother)... with a letter that pushed the german judiciary system to open a "hate crime" related case...

That's not just insinuations now...the German police clearly says the guy was a right-wing fanatic.

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the guy was a right-wing fanatic

He left behind an online video talking about secret underground military bases in America where they conduct devil worship and use mind control. He wanted people to locate these bases and destroy them. It's probably going to be a bit of a stretch to ascribe his views to any political movement or ideology.

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Another fat-right winger decides people aren’t allowed to live.

Thats the consequences of basing your ideology on hated and fear. Not that they’d ever admit it.

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He left behind an online video talking about..

I don't know if it was in the video or on his website but he expressed his negative view of migrants from Arab countries and Turkey somewhere. Said site also gave the impression that he held racist views. And there is also the letter claiming responsibility he left behind. The exact content has not been revealed yet but it also points to a racist motive.

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RIP to the victims.

A sign of the times that some can't bring themselves to condone this horrific mass murder and instead resort to point scoring and barely concealed bigotry.

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Both sides have a blind spot toward the violence perpetrated by people of similar politics. Both sides have trolls who secretly advocate the violence. And while I see no way of supporting this violence, some violence, such as the American Revolution, is perfectly warranted....but we are not usually permitted to advocate any violence so some trolls are actually validated in being secret trolls. I like it when everyone fesses up and I know who they are well before they try and do something like this. Some might even get educated in the process and change their minds. That might be the fatal flaw in some German laws you know.

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I've just had a read through the killers manifesto. It's about as disturbed as one would expect from a mass shooter. In summary:

He thinks the intelligence sevices have been remotely monitoring him since he was a baby and they listen to him wherever he goes. They also have the technology to tap into his brain. He says he wants to remove immigrants of certain nationalities (he lists them very specifically, Morocco, Iraq, Laos, Vietnam etc) since he doesn't understand why they are in Germany, but he will only do it if he can push a button and make them instantly disappear so as to eliminate their suffering. He previously trained as a bank clerk and he witnessed robberies which were commited by foreigners. He goes on about trade balances and NAFTA and Ross Perot and America's military strategy with China up to 2040. He considered settling for a less attractive girlfriend at one point but decided to be single if he couldn't get the best. He also didn't want to marry since he was being monitored. He likes Sharon Stone and also thinks Tom Cruise would be great in a movie where he plays a killer because it would be a departure from his previous roles.

He closes by talking about how his father lost his job and how the family had financial difficulties. His father now works a part time job past the age of 70 because his pension isn't enough to make ends meet. The reason for the job loss was due to the secret services remotely tapping into the brain of the employer and forcing him to announce the lay offs.

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Having read his ramblings I think I understand what set him off. Because he believed that every German is being monitored closely by a secret intelligence agency at all times even in their own homes, he couldn't understand why foreigners were being 'allowed' to get away with committing crimes when the intelligence agency must have known and could have stopped them. Seems like the mind of a paranoid schizophrenic, completely deluded but strangely rational.

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Okay, got to confess, I was wrong.

Right -wing guy it is, according to the latest news.

But the preliminary news didn't indicate this.

So sorry, for having been over-hasty!

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