Haiti gang demands $1 mil for each kidnapped U.S. missionary


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Small problem with blaming the victims here- this is an Amish based group. They DON'T try to convert people. They have been inHaiti for 40 years, distributing medical and school supplies. You would be lucky to have neighbours like these folks.

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It's the missionaries fault; go to stupid places, get stupid outcome. Governments should never negotiate with criminals.

True, but Missionaries have always had a history of getting themselves either captured and killed going back hundreds of years. John Allen Chau was the most recent famous one when this kid decided to take it upon himself despite warnings from the Indian government as well as famous anthropologists, but the kid didn't heed any of the warnings, and he attempted a few times to reach these people, they hurled spears at him and the kid still persisted, most people would have left in a microsecond and he just went back and was ultimately killed, the Indian government couldn't even retrieve his body. It was a very sad story and sad ending, but it was Chau's decision and fault that got him killed and not the Sentinelese people.

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As if there aren't plenty of places these American Protestant zealots couldn't help in their own country, they have to go abroad and get into trouble. No doubt other soft, liberal 'Churchians' will pay this ransom.

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I hope they get out safely, but missionaries go abroad with an ulterior motive. If you want to help, then help instead of trying to convert people to your way of life.

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It's the missionaries fault; go to stupid places, get stupid outcome. Governments should never negotiate with criminals.

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So called "missionaries" do nothing for the countries they visit. All they do is try to improve THEIR standing in the eyes of THEIR God.

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Taking kids to a place like that is irresponsible.

This sort of thing happens in Nigeria and Mexico too. It's a sign of a failing state that cannot deal with gangs of domestic terrorists.

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And who do they expect to pay this?

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The US will not give in but Trudeau will be falling all over himself to send some cash for the 1 Canadian held captive.

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By trying to extort tightwad Uncle Sam this gang will soon learn there are much bigger "badasses" on the block. Meanwhile, the lives of the hostages hang in the balance: surviving this turf war is not guaranteed when "High Noon" arrives.

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If the administration starts giving in to the terrorists demands, this will happen again and again and again. Never negotiate with terrorists particularly when situations like this could have been avoided by people that made the decision to put themselves in dangerous circumstances.

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An American life is value at 10 million dollars by government actuary ,Google Actuary of an American Life Value

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