Harris says U.S. will provide Vietnam with 1 million vaccine doses


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Brilliant foreign policy. The Vietnamese have access to Sino-VAc, but they associate it, and thus China, with unreliability and shoddiness. They crave the Western vaccines and are willing to dump the Chinese product.

When they get the US gift, many Vietnamese will associate it with kindness, progress and reliability of the country it came from.

Japan tried something similar, though they gave away huge amounts of their vaccine while hardly anyone in Japan was vaccinated! LOL.

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How dare anybody to profit by saving lives and preventing serious health problems, right?

You Can't See the Psychological Operation at Work here?

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Harris rocks

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There were too many visits from senior US Officials (Blinken and Austin) to Vietnam recently. Kamala should concentrate on her south border's project.

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Pity they can't send more to Japan.

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When they get the US gift, many Vietnamese will associate it with kindness, progress and reliability of the country it came from.

Youre serious?

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Harris, who is the first U.S. vice president to visit Vietnam, told the nation's president that "our relationship has come a long way in a quarter of a century."

Huh. It’s almost as if soft power like economic aid and cultural exchange is far more effective at regime change than almost a decade of armed conflict. Who would have thought?

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Well, it's not nothing, but it will still leave Vietnam in desperate need of affordable vaccine doses, and lagging behind Cuba and Iran in vaccination rates.

And with the US deciding a third, booster dose takes priority over first doses for Vietnam after the gift, well, maybe the time has come for Vietnam to seriously evaluate its relationship with the US.

PS, in the past month, Cuba went from being 15% behind Japan to basically tied, due to its partnership with Iran in manufacturing highly effective vaccines. Maybe it's time for Japan to also contemplate what being tied to American foreign policy costs it, too.

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Losing Vietnam's relations also means losing Japan.

Japan needs to step up its game if it does not want to lose SCS access as well as the vibrant market of Vietnamese people.

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Harris says U.S. will provide Vietnam with 1 million vaccine doses

Well looks like Harris and Biden have just been told by China to get in the back of the truck.

China quickly sent its envoy to meet with Vietnam's prime minister, where they offered to donate 2 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine - double what Kamala was set to offer, according to the Washington Post.

well I’d say the folks handling the Biden administration are not too sharp.

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Yeah, but China's vaccine is only half as effective.

But you're correct, once again your country is a failure.

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As always, the US helping other countries for their own interests,

China and Russia are doing the same. 

forging alliances through giving vaccines to maintain their own interests in the region since they are scared of the great uprising in China. 

China wants African and Afghan lithium and other minerals, you think the Chinese will help these nations to battle human and sexual rights abuses? Do you think it's good that the Chinese are blundering all of Africa's resources?

It does not matter if their new friends are the ones who bravely got rid of that imperialism in the 70's..

But the Chinese can succeed and funny how now the Vietnamese and the US are strengthening their ties.

And in the background the statue of the great Ho Chi Minh !!..

Well, he was after all their leader, be odd to put MLK up there.

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