IS suicide bomber kills 50 inside Afghanistan mosque


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And that sorting out will happen any minute now, out of the thousand plus years of conflict...

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An Islamic State suicide bomber struck at a mosque packed with Shiite Muslim worshippers in northern Afghanistan on Friday, killing at least 50 people and wounding dozens in the latest security challenge to the Taliban as they transition from insurgency to governance.

Wait am I reading this right ? Hmmm... So ,...IS now fights the Taliban over who gets Afganistan ? From US/Europe perspective this really isn't so bad . If both sides are adequatly armed this could take years.

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A suicide bomber killing 50 worshippers in a mosque.

How barbaric!

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In the name of ‘purity’ of religion IS will use any underhand motivation (racial discrimination, sectarian divide, anti-Chinese sentiment) and any means (mass atrocities, forced ‘suicide’ bombers) to divide and weaken their enemy.

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Once Upon A time Afghanistan WAS a prosperous nation but that was before the British, Russian, the Taliban, the NATO turned it upside down.

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The Taliban discover that being an insurgent force and governing are not the same thing.

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None of this is about "religion", it's all about power, and sadly it's the people who just want to live in peace that suffer all the time.

When I read articles like this, or see news on TV , I always find myself feeling grateful for "winning" the lottery of being born in a relatively safe and secure country!

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The upper echelon of the Taliban wants money, power, respect, and ladies/gentlemen. They want to become the corrupt government that fled with millions too. They are old and tired of fighting. The only way that will happen is by legitimizing the Taliban.

IS wants to carve out it's own caliphate from Afghanistan. They a need a base of operations to continue their terror campaign and run their opium empire. They will continue to threaten Afghan stability and the Taliban leaderships chance at a luxury lifestyle until the Taliban surrenders territory or go back to being the Taliban of old.

Basically, it will evolve it to some kind of protections racket. Give IS whatever they want, or we will mess things up.

At the same time China and Russia will be playing both sides.

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As the civil war escalates, more people will come to support Biden's decision to abide by the contractual obligation of Trump's screwed up negotiated withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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As the civil war escalates, more people will come to support Biden's decision to abide by the contractual obligation of Trump's screwed up negotiated withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Screwed up or otherwise, the US really needed to get out of that quagmire and no matter who was the President, and no matter if it went smoothly or not, someone from one side or the other was going to complain that it was a clusterfruck!

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Could such bombing, intentionally or otherwise, of Shiites usher in yet another new round of Sunni-Shiite conflict and confrontation in the region?

Such antagonism does not seem to end. Why?

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saying the attack targeted both Shiites and the Taliban for their purported willingness to expel Uyghers to meet demands from China. The statement was carried by the IS-linked Aamaq news agency.

IS is protecting Uyghers from being deported to China as China has extra space at its rehabilitation schools.

THUMBS UP ON IS for helping the Uyghers.

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By the way I am not Muslim but support all those being hurt by the CCP, and if the Taliban want to evict Uyghers then that is sad and wrong.

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Such (Sunni/Shia) antagonism does not seem to end. Why?

Ask the Saudis.

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A prominent Shiite cleric, Sayed Hussain Alimi Balkhi, called on the Taliban to provide security for the Shiites of Afghanistan. “We expect the security forces of the government to provide security for the mosques since they collected the weapons that were provided for the security of the worship places,” he said.

Dost Mohammad Obaida, the deputy police chief in Kunduz pledged to protect minorities in the province. “I assure our Shiite brothers that the Taliban are prepared to ensure their safety,” he said.

The new tone struck by the Taliban, at least in Kunduz, is in sharp contrast to the well-documented history of Taliban fighters committing a litany of atrocities against minorities, including Hazaras. The Taliban, now feeling the weight of governing, employed similar tactics to those of IS during their 20-year insurgency, including suicide bombings and shooting ambushes.

Sympathy to the people victims, but not to the current government that employed the very same tactics as insurgents

It's different now they're the ones responsible for preventing such suicide bombings on civilians. It's harder to prevent than to attack, since to prevent means ya have to be successful 100% of the time; otherwise ya lose the trust of the people

And even protecting the Shiites minority who armed to defend themselves against the Taliban who are Sunni

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Nothing shows one's moral superiority better than murdering innocent civilians.

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