India reports 83,000 new coronavirus cases


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83000? How do they even have that much test kits? Amazing

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83000? How do they even have that much test kits? Amazing


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2 of the 3 pictured men are not wearing their masks correctly. That could explain why covid is out of control there....along with Modi’s “economy first” stance.

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In India, if you have symptoms, you can request a test and it would be readily done... Unlike even here..

They have built their own test kits .. not dependant on China for their supplies.

ShiroIshii.. India should follow China's example and tweak their virus figures just like they tweak their GDP figures.

Pray tell us what is the evidence you have regarding the tweaked GDP figures...

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The second article is written by a respected American economist of Indian origin who served in India's government for some time but quit and went back to the US, assuming he knows better than random commentators on JT.

Well this economist was the Chief Economic Advisor during the period he claims the GDP figures were tweaked, i.e. he was directly or indirectly responsible for these tweaked figures, i.e. assuming these were tweaked. As for the articles by livemint and scroll, these are Modi hating outlets, similar to the radical left media in the US.

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India was a disaster waiting to happen. Social distancing is impossible in the slums and healthcare is non existent in rural areas. India should follow China's example and tweak their virus figures..

Well a 98% recovery rate is not exactly a disaster, high majority if not all the deaths are due to comorbidity, and that too majority in one specific community, you know this right..

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I was on a call with a Japanese colleague this morning who mentioned the explosive number of cases of coronavirus in the States where I am from. I wanted to point out that the US, and I assume India, is carrying out a hundredfold or more tests each day so obviously the number of cases will be higher, but what is the point...

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India is testing at an average of 1.1 million per day. It is still less. However, Anybody wants a test can get one and it is free in govt hospitals. 83000 is a small number when you consider the size of the population, and population density in urban areas. For example, if the USA can have 70 k cases per day during its peak, or France having more than 10 K, it is quite expected in India to have a large number of cases. The virus is just started spreading in rural India, and therefore, it will continue to grow for some time at least at this pace. Now 2/3 of the cases are from tier 2, 3 cities, and villages.

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