Indonesia angered after Malaysia makes mistake with its flag


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"You know, this is maybe the reason why our founding father Soekarno wanted to Kick Your Ass," said one user.

Why do you add crass Twitter comments by individuals like this in your article? It's unnecessary.

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The mistake, which made the red-and-white Indonesian flag resemble Poland's....

Then again, if you don't make a mistake, it resembles Monaco's.

Maybe it's time for a re-design.

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Okay, a mistake.

It's pretty sad that people can get this anaimated over a piece of cloth.

Malaysia and Indonesia are both Muslim majority nations and share a similar language but often trade accusations of stealing the other's food and culture.

Oh, grow up.

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oh grow up please indonesia..

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A country's national flag is anything but a "piece of cloth".  It represents the county and all that it stands for, its sovereignty and the pride of its people. 

When another country reproduces the image of another country's flag, it is out of respect to get it right.  "Mistakes", whether intended or unintended, that shouldn't be tolerated.

@Jimizu, I'm assuming you are Japanese.  Do you feel your country's flag is "just a piece of cloth"?

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@Jimizu, I'm assuming you are Japanese. Do you feel your country's flag is "just a piece of cloth"?

I'm from England. The Union Jack or the Saint George's Cross are pieces of cloth.

I think it was the late, great George Carlin who said leaves symbols to the "symbol minded".

My handle is Jimizo, not Jimizu. It was a nickname given to me at work. It's no problem. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time, and we shouldn't judge people too harshly for making them.

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