Iran says oil tanker struck by 2 missiles off Saudi Arabia


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Can they not do this without spilling oil, or blood?

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nandakandamanda: are you crazy? Have you thought of all the jobs that will be lost?

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This has all been planned years in advance. These things don't "just happen"

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What, so Extinction Rebellion planned this?

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We all know who is trying to goad Iran into a conflict, standard playbook procedure.

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Iran are denying it was hit by missiles, saying that the fire is out and they have contained the spill.

They have apparently turned the tanker's transponder back on now after two months' of silence.

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So where is the truth if everyone denies everything? Was this company trying to hide something?

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Once again, it will take days, if not weeks, before the facts of this incident are actually uncovered. News media outlets will continue to publish conflicting versions in order to boost their own circulation numbers/importance. Was there a missile? Was this another limpet mine? Was it simply an industrial accident? Did anything actually happen?

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Has anyone produced any evidence (photos would be good) of these two alleged missile-strikes that were supposed to have damaged an Iranian tanker?

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