Japanese astronaut, 2 colleagues return to Earth from space station

By Dana Rysmukhamedova

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Must have been a lot of fun on the “space station”

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It must be a relief to breath fresh air and drink water that hasn't been recycled so frequently. Welcome back to one G.

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All welcomed back to Earth! I wish the footage/pictures they recorded this time to contrast from the past ones to show more evidences how this planet is changed too fast. More evidences of Global Warming that causes the warning levels up, to expose the world that we humans changed it, not the nature itself. Some govt. top-leaders avoid this reality to protect industrial improvements. And to some people think this phenomena is a circle of nature from remote time and not caused by us humans. People who are numb what is this present time not to accept all those natural catastrophic incidents, persist that's a normal circle of nature. It's time to change the mind or we are routing ourselves to self-destruction.

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Unbelievable! Congratulations, Kanai-san! He will inspire millions of Japanese kids to want to become an astronaut.

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Cool shot with those vehicles racing towards the landing spot!

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It is a very cool shot. But with unpredictable re-entry times (see Apollo 13 for example) and the Earth spinning at 1000 miles an did they get it so exact?

(And NO. Not a Flat Earther)

Just saying.

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I flew Aeroflot once and experienced eating black hard bread, oh my, things have changed these days with passengers munching grapes as they debark.

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In space we can be friends, on earth...

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On Earth, the scientists of most nations cooperate and share knowledge. It is mainly oligarchical politicians and business interests that drive nationalistic conflicts. Ethical professionals who are friendly in space remain so on earth--a good lesson for all of us to follow.

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There's one potential thing in the photograph that I do not think they had in space.

0 ( +0 / -0 ) did they get it so exact?

Well, the Russians are by far the leaders in human space transportation, and have obviously refined their procedures over time. It is still rocket science.

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I think what nandakandamanda is saying is that they didn't get all that canopy and rigging lines into the hole in the side of the capsule.

I would have to agree with him. (If that is what he is suggesting)

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how did they get it so exact?

Orbital mechanics. Orbits, rotation of the Earth, thrust, atmospheric drag etc are all predictable. If the engineers get their sums right and the systems aren’t broken, everything goes according to plan.

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Maybeperhapsyes, interested to know your thoughts on where the parachute was if it wasn’t in the parachute compartment?

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