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Kim says N Korean missile launches were warning to U.S., South


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North Korea said Wednesday leader Kim Jong Un

got his pal Trump to pay attention to him. More marketing for both.

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a standstill in nuclear negotiations

Good job, Trump. Effective.

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SuperLibToday 09:15 am JSTa standstill in nuclear negotiations

Good job, Trump. Effective.

Oh, what happened to that 'historic' handshake Dumpster Don made with Kim around the 4th of July? Oh my my. Is he going to have go to the DMZ and kiss Kim's keister again? Kim is laughing from all this.

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And Moon still wishes to push relations with Japan even further away to make a 'great economic power' with NK...

It's time that South Koreans woke up and smelled the coffee. Moon and his office is the danger to their daily lives. Not Japan!

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Earth to Moon, Kim Jong Un has spoken via his missile launches. No peace economy for the North. Kim Jong Un has his country armed to the teeth. He is not going to and have not in the past gave up anything.

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What a baby. Kim, my man that won’t get you sanction relief. Smh.

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Venezuela has no nuclear arms and look what the US is doing to topple its government. Neither Iraq or Libya had/have nuclear arms and look what the US did to these nations. The US is now threatening Turkey.

Kim do NOT give up your military development as it is the only thing saving you from US invasion. However, NK should be concentrating on intercontinental missile so that the  global aggressor is targeted; this will have more effect.

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Fat boy flips Trump another bird, and Trump does nothing continue to pander to Fat Boy.

Quite a negotiator , this guy...

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Sir Kim,

Yes, your missiles are scary.

Yes, I worry about your ability to cause mass destruction to your neighbors.

But, know that you would most probably be responsible for 'eradicating' your own people by doing so. YOU would lose, BIG TIME.

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